NoJoMo - Day 18

Today I am thankful for friends.  Leah in particular.  I know that I was thankful for her yesterday too, but we hung out last night, and we had a blast.  I met her at Coffee Please, which is this amazing little coffee shop in Maderia (which actually is where Katie lives!) and we both bought cups of black coffee (2 splenda for Leah, all black for me) and sat to chat for just a minute.  This was the first time I had seen her since returning from Vegas, and since she watched the pups for us, we got her a present, which you can see to the left there. Isn't that the most awesome shirt EVER?  We saw it at david and goliath in the Venetian and felt like it was the most perfect thing!  I think she loved it too!

Yesterday after finishing my entry, I headed to the gym for a little lifting.  Even though I am no longer pursuing competition, I am still working on developing my back and shoulders, so I have been incorporating a day where I train just those to things.  So here I am immediately following the workout.  Unfortunately, for whatever reason this picture is doing that weird thing again, so you can't even see whatI was trying to show you.  My arm looks PUMPED!  So I am definitely a little bit bummed that you cannot see it. 

The workout was as follows:
Week 4, Day 2, Push up Challenge (5 sets)
4x12, 7 dumbbell lateral raises
4x10, 40 shoulder press
4x10, assisted pull up (I messed with the weights a lot here)
4x10, 15 dumbbell upright row
4x10, 12 weighted bar front raise
4x10, 60 lat pulldown
By that pulldown I was HURTING.  Normally I would be able to go quite a bit heavier than 60 lbs, but I was just BEAT.  So I did what I knew I could for all the sets.

When I got back to work, I ate lunch.
Lunch yesterday was a boatload of spinach which a bunch of black forest ham on top along with a granny smith and peanut butter.  It was a different sort of lunch than I had eaten in a while, mostly because I had been on the "plan".  Now that I am not competing I am eating similar foods, but not exact.  This lunch had a bit more salt (darn lunch meat) than I have been eating, and a little less protein.  It was yummy though. 

After work it was PUPPY TIME as you can see above.  The first picture shows Teek and Zeus engaging in a  little bit of wrestlemania.  They have yet to pose together nicely for a shot.  And how long have we had them both?  Two months now, I think?  They just wrestle. 
The second shot is Zeus just BEGGING to get up on the couch.  That's my knee his paws are on.  He can probably get himself up there, but he does not seem to realize that yet.  So instead, he sticks his paws up on you and whines.  Usually, that works.  That time, it did, and I picked him up and put him on the couch where wrestlemania commenced.
Last night's dinner was simple a small side salad (unpictured) and a pseudo-grilled cheese.  This was a grilled chicken burger with american cheese on a sandwich thin, stuck on the foreman grill until the bread got toasty.  The cheese was super oozy and drippy and it was DELICIOUS.  Grilled cheese is definitely one of my all time favorite meals.  This one did not have any butter on the bread or anything, so since I accounted for the fats in the cheese when tracking yesterday, it definitely fit into my plan. 

I left to go meet Leah at around 7 for our 7:15 planned meeting.  After I gave her the shirt, we left coffee please and headed over to the Mad Potter for our painting night.  Katie was originally planning on joining us, since the three of us went together last year, but she wound up having a lot going on last night.  So it was just the two of us.  We made matching coffee mugs.  Lol.  Leah made a mug like that last year but she gave it as a Christmas gift, and it turned out so cool that we both decided we wanted one this year.  And then we both liked the same colors, so we just went with it.  I think we should give them to each other as Christmas gifts.  That would justify the money spent, since it was a gift, AND we both know that the other will like it!

Did I mention that I have the most amazing husband ever?  PS - they smell as awesome as they look!

This morning was workout three of week 4 of the pushup challenge.  My hammies are aching so I chose not to go to the gym and run, which was my original plan.  So instead I just did my pushups and I will go back at lunch to lift.  I am running a 5k tomorrow morning, so I suppose that will take care of my third day of cardio for the week!

This morning's pushups were as follows:
Set 1 - 29
Set 2 - 33
Set 3 - 29
Set 4 - 29
Set 5 - 40
Holy cow it was a tough one!

Have a great day everyone!


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