Big news, I have an update.  I found myself a new coach, I feel reinvigorated, and I cannot WAIT to get started with this new guy. 

New coach’s name is Mike.  New team is the Muscle Dawg Girls.  He is pretty local (not like down the block, but only 40 minutes from me).  This way, I will be having a workout with him at his gym once per week.  His cost includes full meal planning, meaning – eat this many oz of chicken and a sweet potato that weighs this much.  I think that will take some of the trouble out of it. 

I think that having everything written out for me specifically will take some of my questions away and hopefully make it a little bit easier for me to stick to the plan.  Will there be cheats?  Yep.  And Mike agrees with that.  He knows it will happen. 

And so, yes, I am back on track. I will be competing in the spring.  We’ll have to see what happens.  So here I go!


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