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Well I did it.  Yesterday I officially registered for the Flying Pig Marathon.  I wanted to get it done right away for a few reasons.  1. I had a little extra money. 2. The price goes up on November 1.  3. I was feeling motivated and wanted to take advantage of it. 4. My friend Jes just ran the Columbus Marathon last week, and we’re going to celebrate on Tuesday of next week – and I wanted to  have something to celebrate too!  I am super proud of myself for getting up the courage to do this.  I will be running the Glass City Half Marathon as part of a training run now.  I have 12 miles scheduled that day anyway!  Yes, I am completely crazy, but completely excited about all of my new plans!

Okay, onto my new diet.  It is set up by Mike my new coach over at MDF.



It has specifics in it rather than just “hit these macros” like my old plan.  Its, eat this amount of chicken, etc.  So it is a little different.  Here’s the plan, in macros.  And I will be eating only clean foods and no starches.
1,960 calories
199.9 protein
161.5 Carbs
51.5 fats (mostly eggs and protein add-ons)
919.0 sodium
26.3 fiber

And on days when I lift, add another:
240 calories
42 protein
8 carbs
4 fat – in the form of 2 scoops protein powder immediately after lifting.

Yeah.  INTENSE.  Lots of chicken, eggs, oats, and sweet potatoes. I am allowed to make substitutes, but not yet.  I have to eat 100% on plan right now.  I will be eating the same thing everyday.  I will DEFINITELY be preparing different meals for J.  We’ll see how things go.  I am looking forward to my grocery shopping this weekend to see how it goes. 

I have not officially started on the plan, but I have been eating 100% clean foods, and trying to do some of the suggested snack + the protein shake right after lifting.  I have already lost a TON of bloat, so I am thrilled about that.  I have not had any diet coke or peanut butter ALL WEEK.  Amazing from the both every single day girl. I am very proud.

Now…  Pinterest.  Its just  Pretty simple.  It is basically a website full of pictures.  You can create “boards” and “pin” pictures to your board.  For instance, I have a board with food pictures on it.  Each picture has a link to it (usually to a blog or something) where the recipe is.  So you can make your inspiration/wellness boards, clothes you like, a bucket list (mine has the PIG, skydiving, going to all the baseball stadiums..), etc.  As well as lots of ideas for my house, organization, and one with cute pictures of puppies. Cause there is not a darn thing wrong with cute pictures of puppies.  I also made a Christmas list!  Now…  if you have a really busy job, I suggest avoiding it.  Its totally addicting. 

So with everything starting to come back in order, I am very pleased.  And my motivation has returned…


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