Day 1: Check

Last night we went to J’s sister’s for pizza.  While pizza is not necessarily at the top of the list as far as good choices that I could make when eating, I was conscious of what I chose to eat, and that was my goal for yesterday.  I figured that was the best way to go about things.  Make conscious decisions about what I was eating, and then I can slowly work on making GOOD conscious choices.  I think that is how things have to work when you are in this weird overwhelmed place that I have created for myself.

I really have been getting myself to that place that you hear about with competitors when they completely flip after the competition and eat like a whole quart of ice cream or a whole pizza.  Have you heard about that?

J and I stopped at best buy on the way home so he could get the new transformers movie.

Right now, he is upstairs watching a movie (Limitless, I think) and I am not with him.  I am downstairs and I just did DAY 1 of the 30DS!  Boot or no boot, I am making it work.  I actually did some of the cardio things on more like one foot than two, but I was still hopping around, so it still gave me the same burn.  And that is the goal with that part, the burn.  So we’ll see if I keep this up for the full thirty days!  That’s the goal this time around.

Okay, I am going to get this posted and go and take a shower because our plans for the day include the outlet mall (I need new jeans and some long-ish sleeved shirts for fall) and then starbucks for SEVERAL hours for studying!


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