Big Day!

I go to my podiatrist at 3 pm (EST) to see if I can stop wearing the boot!  I really have my fingers crossed.  I am going to ask him to check out both feet, just in case.  Since I have registered for the Pig now, I really need to make sure to nip any injuries in the bud so I do not need to worry about training for the next several months.  I figure that is a good place to start.  And I am going to make sure to ask about orthotics for BOTH shoes, that will hopefully keep my toes in the proper places so I don’t reinjure myself before 5/5/2012 (that’s the big day!)

I really am ready to get back into running.  I miss it a lot.  I have been craving it lately.  I have been keeping up with my cardio, mostly on the bike, but yesterday I did the elliptical.  It was a little tough with the boot on, mostly because it is hard to roll all the way through my foot, if you know what I mean. 

So on Saturday I took my annual ladies trip up to Frankenmuth.  I briefly blogged (from my phone) on blogger about it, but for a more in depth look…  I always go with my mom, my cousin Megan, my Aunt Laurie (she’s my godmother) and my sister goes as often as she can.  Last year she was out because it was right after her accident that I blogged about.  We had a great trip, although my feet were definitely hurting by the end.  That’s a big reason why I want to have them BOTH looked at today rather than just the boot foot.

I have not had a diet coke or a single bite of nut butter in more than a week.  Knock on wood.  Maybe I am really making progress at kicking that habit!  I like to think so.  It will definitely help the water retention (especially the no more diet coke part!).  I retain water more than the average girl, and Mike (new coach) could tell that just by looking at me!  Today is my second day on his full blown diet plan.  After I eat lunch, I will already be at over 100 grams of protein for the day!  So far so good.  I have to master the eggs and oats mixed together thing though, because I was kind of gagging on the last few bites…  Although that could also be because they were starting to get cold. 

Speaking of Mike…  we have our first training session on Sunday.  I am really excited about it, as it is the first time I will have worked out with a trainer in person in ages.  I really would love to be able to really get on board with what is going on with my body and make huge changes.  I am feeling good lately, and so I am pretty excited to get the ball rolling.  My motivation is up pretty high lately as well, and that certainly helps a little bit! 

I have started working on a new 101 in 1001 list.  This time I am really going to achieve everything on the list!  I will post it here as soon as I come up with all 101 things!


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