Back on Track–Squatting

I had my appointment with my new coach yesterday.  It rocked.  I am sore today and we just worked upper body for the most part.  I did do 3 sets of squats with the Smith Machine under his supervision to make sure that my foot would be ready to start squatting again.  We went pretty light.  Only 40 lbs in addition to whatever that Smith Machine bar weighs (I know it is less that the 45 lbs of the regular bar) but I was really focusing on my form since it had been so long since I did any squats.  And there was no foot pain!  Yah!

After I did some squats we just focused on upper body.  My goals are to develop solid shoulder caps and a much broader upper back.  He helped me with those goals, because those two things are important to “shape” regardless of whether I choose to compete in bikini or in figure.  So we started out with shoulder presses.  Then we did a superset of assisted pull ups with a cable row.  Then we did the pec deck machine, then another superset (combined with a drop set).  This was a tricep pushdown (using the rope), the bicep curls with an easy bar for 12, the drop to the next lower weight and bicep curls for another 10.  He told me I was really stubborn because I ALWAYS finish out my sets with good form.  He said normally girls are ready to drop by the end.

I stayed for a little bit after my workout and drank my protein shake.  (I always have one immediately after lifting now).  I chose to stay because there was posing class!  So I got to see two girls practice their posing for the competition next weekend.  I saw one bikini girl and one figure girl, which I thought was great since I am sort of torn between the two things right now.  That did kind of help to cement me competing in figure next April.  Not definite, but I am definitely leaning that way.


I got up this morning, as normal, and text my weight to Mike.  It was kind of nasty, but it is better than it has been.  I am looking forward to my body adjusting to this new diet and it starting to work for me.  Now texting him my weight along with my previous week’s weight is going to be 4:50 am Monday morning routine.  I am hoping for a big ole drop next Monday! 

I went to the gym and did legs.  I did full on squats, along with a leg press, extensions, etc.  I am wanting to further develop my quads, so I am throwing the extensions in to every leg workout.  I definitely need to make them bigger if I am going to compete in figure especially!  So I am working on it.

The above picture is a Frankenstein card that a coworker made.  There are three mini candy bars in it, but I am not even tempted by them today.  Not sure why not, but I will take it!  I am just going to bring them home and put them in the candy bowl for trick-or-treaters tonight.  J is in charge of them though, as I am at school tonight.  (On the school plus side – only 4 more classes – including tonight – left!)

I hit the elliptical at lunchtime.  I am trying to get my legs used to that movement.  Hoping to start running again in one week! 

NoJoMo starts tomorrow.  If you don’t see a post on spark, check blogger.  I have the blogger app on my phone, so I am planning on doing JUST that while J and I are in Las Vegas (we leave in just 10 days!!!)


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