Trying to Stay Positive

Well, I suppose it was time to get back into writing.  I have missed it, but I just have not had too much time since I returned from my wedding & honeymoon.  I have been struggling to get my life back to normal since I have returned, and honestly that has put a crazy amount of stress on me. 

I hate feeling a loss of control in any sense, and when I am only 6 weeks out from my first competition, I am feeling even more lost. 

But I want to keep this positive and upbeat, so I will say that I had a really good breakfast this morning.  I scrapped everything that I had been doing and made myself some overnight oats.  Protein powder, Greek yogurt, old fashioned oats, a little peanut butter.  It was tasty.  I figured if I could start the day off 100% on the right track, it would be easier to stay that way, right?

First off, one more wedding picture.  Edited in picnik to give it the “softness.”  This is my friend Leah’s favorite, and I have to admit, it is a super pretty picture, even if you can’t see us.  The fact that you cannot see us is what kind of disqualifies it as one of my favorites.


Jason and I went to Cancun for our honeymoon.  I have not yet posted any pictures of that, unless you are friends with me on facebook.  If you are, then you have seen them.  I am just going to add a few here.


This is the view out our hotel room window.  We overlooked the pool and the ocean.  I have never in my life seen water so blue except in the movies.  And in the movies, I never knew if it was real or not.




J and I on a lounge chair at the beach.  He looks really good in this picture.  Me, not so much, but he rarely can smile this good in a picture, so I felt the need to include it.



The first beers of the trip.



We had an amazing time.  I don’t think J will hesitate to vacation in Mexico again like he did BEFORE this trip.  (He was worried about drugs and kidnapping). 

I cannot WAIT for another vacation.  2 months until Vegas!


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