Recap & Plans–(Whole Paychex is involved…)

Well, yesterday was a successful low carb day.  Woo hoo!  Thank goodness.  And today is a lifting/HIIT/high carb day.  I have been doing a lot of my HIIT workouts on the stepmill lately, but I am feeling the need for a change today.  Enter google. 

So I found something new.  I decided to keep to the step mill since I am really trying to refrain from running and I have already biked twice this week (with another one scheduled for tomorrow morning!) I ended up using the body for life HIIT method, which works out to 17 minutes.  It was tough!  

So the idea, in case you are not familiar with it is to do three 4 minute intervals with a 5 minute interval on the end. (Hence, 17 minutes).  So if you are thinking on a scale of 10, with 10 being the absolute fastest that you can run, your first three intervals go like this:
1 minutes @ level 6
1 minutes @ level 7
1 minutes @ level 8
1 minutes @ level 9
And for your 4th interval, you will do 1 minute at level 10.  Holy smokes it is rough!  At level 10 you will be gasping for air almost immediately. 

So taking that baseline plan, I was going to make it work for my stepmill.  I think you need to do this indoors, as tracking your speed on the track enough to give you 5 tough intervals will be tough.  So I hit the stepmill after dressing and hammered out the following 20 minute workout:
1 minute @ level 6
1 minute @ level 8
1 minute @ level 10
1 minute @ level 12
repeat 4 times
1 minute @ level 14
3 minutes @ level 5
Trust me.  It was killer.  I was sweating, having a tough time breathing, and my quads were SCREAMING at me.

By the way – its Thursday now, and I obviously started writing this post yesterday.  So at 5 am I had the bike ride that I talked about above.  It was a little slower than my first two rides of the week, but my quads are still a little bit sore following yesterdays workout.  But it was still pretty good and I went about 9.5 miles in the 45 minutes I was on the bike.  So I am fairly pleased with my results.

I have been writing thank you notes constantly.  I try and get a few more written everyday.  Right now, I am out of notes and out of stamps.  Looks like a post office trip and a trip to half price books to buy more notes will be in order this weekend.  J is playing golf on Saturday, so that should give me some time to get a few things done that I can never seem to get done when he is around.

Here is what I am planning for Saturday since I think I will be alone all day.
1. run Race for the Cure in the morning.  This was my very first 5K 2 years ago, so I decided I am running it come hell or high water (or foot with a stress fracture).  I haven’t run all week since the Hudy because of the foot, but this race should be cake!
2. Stop at post office and half price books to purchase thank you note related items.
3. Home/shower/less gross clothes
4. flip through cookbooks/internet to plan 2 new recipes to cook next week and figure out the other couple of nights at dinner
5. make grocery lists around planned meals
6. GROCERY SHOP – this will involve a trip to Whole Foods to stock up on pantry items with my living social deal (on the list there: spelt flour, balsamic vinegar, some bulk bin buys, maybe some produce – I am looking for fresh cranberries!) and a trip to kroger
7. eat lunch (I might get a salad at Whole Foods)
8. polish off thank you notes
9. STUDY!  I have my next exam in 2 weeks!  I really need to pass this one after the last FAIL!
10. Cook some dinner
11. Sleepover with the puppies!  Teek is having a little friend come over on Saturday night to have a slumber party!  Ok, we’re dog sitting for Reagan, but I think it is way more fun to consider it a slumber party!

I think at the sleepover we’ll get in bed early and watch Teen Mom and cooking shows.  That sounds absolutely IDEAL to me! :-)

Yesterday after my stepmill workout, I had my annual review.  It is really hard to believe I have been here for more than a year already!  My review kept getting pushed back, which is why I didn’t have it until yesterday, and I had been here for a year on August 2.  I am admittedly (and I admitted this to my boss and everything!) a little gun shy about reviews.  After my annual review at BD (which was NOT GOOD) I was let go only a few days later.  Needless to say, I was full of butterflies when 2:30 pm rolled around and Tom and I were walking into the conference room.

But as I learn and reconfirm daily – there is really something to be said for working in a job that you like.  :-) I had a very successful review.  There were a few things that I have to improve on (of course!) a few things that I do really well, etc, but I was above average on everything that we looked at! I also got my merit increase, which takes me up a little further, which is a nice thing.  So I am very proud of myself, not to mention pleased with the outcome.  So now I have another year of working hard!

Today is another low carb day which I started with some egg whites.  Now that I am not eating them everyday, it is becoming a little bit easier to eat them!  I made them into a sammie with some turkey, a smidge of cheese and popped it on a toasted Arnold sandwich thin.  Pretty good, very filling.  Yes there were carbs, but in reality, I have a bit of an easier time with low carb day than high, so some first thing in the morning whole grains helped tide me over until lunch!

Tonight J and I have tickets to a football game at our alma mater – the University of Cincinnati!  We are going with a few of J’s college friends.  It is actually the same couple that we hung out with at the Sugar Bowl a few New Years Eve’s ago.  It should be a great time!


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