New plan

I received my new diet numbers in an email, at the time that I heard I would.  When Coach and I last chatted, he said, “I will probably be hitting send on your diet as you are getting up and starting your first cup of coffee.”  At 4:50 am, when my alarm goes off, I check email on my phone on my way downstairs (pre-gym).  As I am scrolling through email, I receive one from Coach. Smile I love the precision.  So today I am just having a “normal” day.  1350 calories, 120 protein, 132 carbs, 37 fat.  After today we start to cycle.  Cycle numbers look like this:

Weight training days (M W F):
1600 Calories
150 Protein
190 Carbs
27 Fat

Non-Weight days ( T T S S)
1250 Calories
150 Protein
85 Carbs
34 Fat

Now remember, I am competing in just 6 weeks, so I have a TON of work to do.  Honestly, this looks do-able to me.  So hopefully I get the results that I need to be comfortable onstage from it.  Right now, I am not comfortable.  You would think a few days of drinking would lead to some water weight, sure, but you would also think that once the drinking STOPPED (which it has) then the water would go.  Maybe its NOT water weight, and that scares me.  I have lost one pound this week.  I was kind of hoping for that big back-on-the-bandwagon whoosh but no.  So I have about 6 lbs to lose before I am at my pre-wedding weight.  Scary.  And definitely difficult.

I have a long way to go.  I am really hoping that cycling is going to get me there.  Once, I thought I might place.  Now I feel like I will be lucky to have the confidence to stand up there! Sad smile


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