motivation needed–and exams

Well, yesterday was an experiment.  All of you know that I have been struggling since I returned from my honeymoon.  I even got a new plan in hopes that it would help!  Yeah…  still struggling…

So yesterday I decided that I was going to suck it up, and see what my body could do on its own, and eat minimally.  And force myself to stick with it.

So I did it.  I don’t want to go into details, suffice to say I underate yesterday, but I was planning on doing that.  It kind of made up for all of the overeating that I have been doing since my wedding! 

Today I am trying to use that motivation that I created for myself yesterday and turn it into a good food day.  What I have planned so far is definitely on track, so that is a positive if nothing else.  Now I just need to stick with that plan.  Its strange, but lower carb days are easier for me as I feel more in control on those days then on the days when I eat higher carbs.  Does that make sense  at all?

Let’s be honest, life has kind of been a struggle after my return.  I just can’t seem to get anything together.  I haven’t done ANY studying, even though I have completely finished another section of my class.  I have a test in just a few weeks. 

Speaking of tests, I got my scores back on the first one.  A big fat fail.  That figures. I am very upset about it, I have to be honest.  I worked harder on that first exam than I have ever worked on a test before, whether it was high school, college, SAT, or the CPA prior to now.  so I am not sure what else I can do in order to do better on the test than what I have already done.

Yes, its true.  I am thisclose to giving up.


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