Friday, finally

Yesterday went pretty well.  I cooked a new recipe from the clean-eating magazine website, which was pretty good.  The recipe served four, so I have some leftovers for lunch today. 

Morning win: I just got an email that said that there were brownies in the break room (my recent state of overload has made brownies acceptable all the time – FYI) and I read it, deleted and thought, I don’t even want a brownie.  I got my sweet on with my breakfast this morning which consisted of a quest bar, and a muscle milk light, leftover from last weekend’s race for the cure swag bag.  It was pretty good.

SO yes, this morning’s breakfast was those two things, and I felt pretty good about them. 

I had a long talk with my friend Carol.  She is on Spark, but I don’t think she has a sparkpage or blog or anything.  I referred her to it and told her it was what I used to track all of my calories and stuff.  She likes it so far.  But we were talking about my struggle last night.  I helped her figure out what would help her and now she is my accountability partner.  Because she is struggling too.  It is easier to have a partner who understands.  Leah gets me too though.

The difference between the two is that Carol has been in the super –bad, binge on ice cream state, and I am not sure that Leah has.  I need them both to hold me to the high standards that I hold myself to.  And I am working hard to remind myself of what my goals are.  I am going to start tracking my intake a little differently.  I am going to ask myself how I feel when I eat.  I know they say that you should do this, and I cannot believe I have never done it before.  Maybe it will help me to tackle some of the demons that I have been working through constantly since I began trying to get a handle on myself and come to terms with the fact that eating is actually important and is FUEL for your body to run as it is supposed to!

So I am taking notes on how I feel.  We’ll see if doing it for a week (or something!) can help me figure this all out.  I am ready to be back to myself, which means HEALTHY and eating right!


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