Weekend Workouts + Major Stressors

I definitely had a bit of a rough weekend. I did however get my ab shots taken, which was on the “weekend goal list” so at least there was that!

The drive home on Friday was rather uneventful. I got a lot of work accomplished fairly early on Friday, so I managed to leave a little bit ahead of schedule. I went straight to the gym to spend 45 minutes on the elliptical in order to get my at least my scheduled workout. I decided to stick with my stinky workout gear as travel clothes too because I was feeling pretty lazy to be honest, and I did not want to take the time to change. So I got the dog and we were on the road.

Like I said, uneventful. Long though. Stuck in standstill traffic in Dayton, OH, which seems to be the norm, no matter what time of day. This was around 3 pm, so I thought that traffic would not have started for rush hour yet. Yes, there is construction there though. ALWAYS.

After visiting with my mom and grandma for about an hour, my dad picked me up with Odin. We had plans to go out to dinner that night, the three of us, and just hang out/catch up. I had made the dinner reservations – as I stated in a previous blog – to ensure that I had good choices made! The dinner overall went well, except for the fact that they clearly told all of their friends that they were going to be at this restaurant so they all started showing up there! I was a little miffed about that, because I thought it was supposed to be just us, and I was making an effort!

Saturday morning, I got up early with Teek as usual. We went swimming! I swam for about a half hour – I had her on her leash attached to a chair, close enough to me that she could get to me, and she just sunbathed in the 7 am air. After I had been in the water, using the kickboard, swimming laps, aqua-jogging etc, for about a half hour, I got the dog and brought her into the water with me. It was kind of what I would imagine swimming with a baby for the first time would be like. I held (all 8 lbs!) of her and walked around so just her back toes were in the water. Every now and again I would squat down and let her get wet for a few steps (at which point she would panic just a little and scratch up my shoulder!) I let her swim a few times to the steps and climb out too. It went ok. Not sure how often we’ll swim, but like all dogs, she knows how. Smile

At 9 am, I got dressed and went to my photographers. This trip went very well. I paid an additional portion of my balance that was due, and I also went through the breakdown of the entire day with them, so we knew that we were all on the same page. That is the piece of the puzzle that fell into place this weekend, I believe.

I went home for awhile and hung out with my mom before we went out for my dress fitting.

This was where the meltdown started. In my head, because of all of the work that I was doing, I figured the dress was going to be too big. I was already frustrated, because it was expensive to have alterations done on my dress the first round, and so I was completely prepared to defend myself in hopes of not paying by saying that I haven’t lost weight (I haven’t) and so obviously they made a mistake and didn’t take it in enough (these things happen when you get LEAN – no weight loss but smaller!) I just didn’t want to pay again.

I put it on, and then my mommy helped me to zip up. IT WAS TOO TIGHT. Enter waterworks. Ok, not really. I didn’t cry, but I really wanted to. A mental roadblock definitely popped up however. I immediately started scrutinizing my body, how my clothes felt, how the dress felt, where things were not working, everything. It was major panic time in my head.

However, she took my measurements, and my measurements were SMALLER than they were in May when I was fitted. So it was obviously THEIR mistake. But I did not feel any better about it.

Sundays workout was a good one. I got up early, got dressed in my running garb, and headed to a park that I used to go to often. It was a main picnic spot for the end of a school year thing. I killed 7.8 miles there that morning in 74 minutes. That means (per the garmin) I averaged around 9:30 miles. For that distance, I would call it killing it. Smile So that was the PERK to the end of a rough weekend.


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