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I think we are now 4 weeks in, right? I have three weeks from TODAY before I get married. This entry is for my SBS weekly check in. I figured out something in Paint today (stuff that I am sure all of you ladies figured out AGES ago) but I managed to get all 5 of my pictures into one comparison file. I am pretty pleased!

5 comp front

There I am from the front. Something interesting to be noted about todays pic (in the green shirt, obviously) is that it was taken AFTER breakfast, lunch, a snack, a diet coke and a TON of water. So it isn’t even my first thing in the morning shot! Yahoo!

5 comp side1

And there we go from the side. Yahoo for Emily.

I ran a 10K this morning. Official time was 56:42. A bit faster than my first one! I am pleased. I just wanted to keep it up to under an hour again.

I have taken my full body progress pics as well, so I will get to those soon.


  1. wow look at you skinny mini! i went to check you out on opendiary and found out you moved! i'm so behind. What's SBS? Oh and congrats on the run time! I'm lucky to keep a 10min mile pace :-P

    Shirley (the shirls on opendiary)


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