My August Goals

Well – it is wedding month. I am nearly to part one of my mega-fitness goal (with part two being the competition). Therefore, I want it to be a BIG goal month!

1. 2000 fitness minutes – I ended up with around 2200 in July and have started out August strong with a workout every day!
2. Get to the next “level” with sparkpoints. I need to get just over 1000 in the month to do this. Should not be a problem.
3. No beer until my rehearsal dinner. Definitely tougher. However J is onboard as well and has only 3 drinking days set up pre-wedding, so without nights at our favorite place (BW3) this will be much easier, I think!
4. research swimming techniques. I might not get in the pool this month, but I definitely plan to sometime soon, and I know how to swim, but definitely not properly. Along with this one – research google/bathing suits.
5. log three runs per week. They don’t have to be long runs, but three per week that are 2.5 miles or more.
6. Get together with Stephanie – this requires an entry all its own, but suffice to say it will DEFINITELY help me to prepare for my own competition.

So there we have it. I am on my way!


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