Lady Distance Classic Race Recap

I know I owe everyone my full body progress pics, but I did not get them uploaded and my work computer does not have a cardreader like my home computer does. Sorry! So you’ll have to settle for the recap of my Saturday morning race. Smile

J was out of town for Friday night/Saturday morning, so when my alarm went off at 6:15 am it was just me and the pup. I took Teek out and fed her before starting to get ready for the race. I got dressed in my Old Navy running gear, which I bought a few weeks ago because ON was a groupon! So I used mine to buy a pair of shorts and a tank. I like the shorts a smidge better than my nike tempo track shorts. These have slightly larger leg openings, so they don’t ride up as much.

After getting ready and pinning my bib on, I went outside to make sure that I saw Dave & Amy when they arrived. It was a ladies only event, but Dave was going to drop us off, go for his own run, and then meet us at the finish line. So he dropped us off as close as he could get (tons of streets were closed because of the race) and Amy and I started walking over to where the start was going to be. We were chatting about pace and goals, as well as her marathon training. She is going to be doing the Chicago marathon in October, and it will be her first full. Now that I am apparently a runner (?!?) this stuff interests me all the time.

We were running the Lady Distance Classic which is sponsored by our local Fleet Feet. It is a pretty huge event and actually takes place less than a mile from my house. I think it was maybe the 9th year or so? The shirts were extra nice:


They are the Brooks tech tee, and of course they had the race logo and stuff on them. The only problem that I see with them is that they might be limited to 11 pm runs or 4 am runs. Winking smile they are awfully bright green! But if I do wear it for my 5 am runs, the cars will see me! I guess that is a plus.

We waited in line at the start so Amy could use the port-o-let before the race. Lol. Who ever thought of calling it that?

We then headed over to the start and joined the 10 minute mile group. Amy said that was her goal pace, and even though I usually do around 9 minute miles for this distance, I figured 10 wasn’t so bad. So I was planning on sticking with her. She gave me the good grace to run ahead of her if I wanted, no problem though, so I figured I would start with her and see where it went.

My friend Brett’s daughter, also named Emily, sang the National Anthem to kick off the race. I am always impressed with how quickly her voice has matured. It doesn’t seem that long ago that she was in the 8th grade and playing back up to me:


That’s her in the white. We did Oklahoma that summer and I was the lead and she played one of my little friends. Now she is obviously singing National Anthems at races and playing leads in musicals.


There she is as Marty in Grease. That is the most recent show that she did (it just closed two weeks ago, I think) and she is going to be a junior in high school. Wow!

I hope to have a picture of the two of us together soon from the race. We got one taken post-race together, so I cannot wait to see how it turned out. Except now SHE is the star, not me! Its awesome how she grew up.

So she sounded great, as expected, and soon after that, we were off! I tried to time my start on my garmin with the moment of crossing the starting line, but eh, a few seconds off, as always. At least it was chip timed, so I could have an exact time! I started out with Amy, we were doing a just under 10 minute mile. Good starting pace for me. Unfortunately, I LIKE to run 9 minute miles. And she started dropping. I dropped back to 10 minutes, but she continued to slow down, and yelled to me, go ahead! So I did, and kicked up to a 9:15 mile.

Things went pretty well for the race, except I definitely was tired as I hit the mile marker to start mile 5. I went around a corner right after that mile and was greeted by a GIANT hill. For anyone who has not run in Cincinnati before, they are everywhere. I actually yelled at the volunteers who were on traffic duty at this turn, “A HILL?!? Are you kidding me?!?” They just laughed. But I leaned in and ran up it. I finished the race in 56:42 (chip time) and my garmin was just slightly over that time (forgot to stop it until after I crossed the line. Whoops).

I grabbed a water bottle from one of the volunteers as I came through the shoot and started chugging it. I knew Amy was behind me, but I wasn’t sure how far. After I finished the bottle, I grabbed another and decided that I was going to hit the festival. I got myself a bottle of Mr. Clean – the first thing that was handed out. And made my way to the stage area (actually the same stage that is in the picture of Emily and I above!) because I figured Dave and Amy would have to come through there eventually. When I met up with them, Amy and I signed up to get stretched out by the physical therapy folks that were there specifically for that purpose. It was awesome.

So there you have it. Amy and I conquered a 10K – at least somewhat together!


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