Heavy lifting Morning

I hit the gym at 5:15 am (as usual) today for legs.  I have recently really started to try and kick my leg days up, in order to build my quads.  My legs are just kinda lagging behind my upper body.  So I have been doing my squats slowly and deep, I have been watching my form extra closely on deadlift, as those are the two major lifting exercises that I do on leg days. 

Today I supersetted these two, AND I added weight.  So I started out by getting BOTH barbells prepped since I was using different weights.

Here is todays workout.

Deep squats – 1x10-45, 4x12-75
Romanian Dead lifts – 1x12-45, 4x12-80
Hip Thrusts – 1x12-45, 4x12-80
leg press – 1x10-110, 4x10-190
Squats from step – 1x10, 3x10-20 (both sides to = 1)
leg curls – 1x10, 40, 3x10-55
ab cable crunch – 3x20-50
planks – 3x60s

Rough.  But good.  I am really trying to work extra hard these days.  I am desperate for progress and I would love some VISIBLE progress.  Lower body is lagging, and I want it to get all caught up!


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