Day 2 of 11 - I want icing

Yep.  That pretty much sums up how I am feeling today.  I just opened my desk drawer to get out my token to log onto my bank stuff, and I was greeted with the sight of 2 fiber one bars, a nutri-grain bar, a larabar and an oatmeal bar.  Ugh.  Carbs!  I love them and I want them now, and I am REALLY hoping that this feeling gets better after a few days. 

This morning's breakfast was a twin to yesterday's.  It was good.  Would've been better with a slice of toast.  Lol.  I just need to get my mind off it I think.  It is 11 am, I have eaten two meals, and I am not hungry.  I shouldn't be.  I am eating foods that are very good for me right now, so I can be full even though I have not had any bread, right?

I did zero workout this morning, but got up at 10 minutes to 5 as usual with the dog and we went downstairs.  I stayed in my jamas since I wasn't headed outside or to the gym, and I opened up the laptop.  I have my second exam tomorrow morning, and to be honest, I might have been slightly less than diligent preparing.  And I am trying to make up for it here over the last few days.  So I got an hour of studying in this morning and then went upstairs and showered and prepared for my day. 

Luckily this test that I have tomorrow is the one section that I am MOST familiar with just from working for the past five years.  This is possibly (in combination with the wedding!) why I neglected studying so much.  But I am still nervous about it as it is still so important for me to finally pass this exam.  I think it is career important, not just mentally important!

No workout this morning was weird, but luckily I have my big DEPLETE lifting workout scheduled for tomorrow, so it will help me feel more normal!  I'll be adding some BCAAs to the mix for during the workout tomorrow.


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