Cut & Weekend Update

I am down to only 12 days until my wedding.  12!!!  That seems crazy.  I haven’t even been engaged for that long, have I?  Since November, right?  So not quite a year.  Do most people plan their weddings and get married within a year?  I am having a tough time deciding if I did that correctly.  Even with the amount of time that I had (9 months-ish) I often felt like I had too much time.  Like there were times where I just wanted to do wedding things, and there wasn’t anything to do.  However, I also know that we had to do things with at least that much time to ensure that we had all the big things booked.  So I suppose it was the best solution.

So these 12 days are going to be HUGE to my contest prep as well.  I am planning on enjoying myself and my food and beverages at my wedding and my honeymoon, so I am doing an 11 day cut leading up to the wedding.  This is basically Atkins on steroids.  At least that is what it feels like.  EXTRA lean protein and veggies only. 


Here is this morning’s breakfast as the first example of my cutting.  This is 3/4 cup of liquid egg whites (bought in bulk at Sam’s Club), 1.5 oz 99% fat free turkey breast meat, and 1/4 cup fat free cheddar.  It was pretty delicious.  My macros were as follows:
177 Calories
37 grams protein
5 grams carbs
0 grams fat

I am glad that it was tasty, because I have a HUGE feeling that is going to be my breakfast of choice for the next 11 days.  I am thinking spinach thrown in occasionally with it too though.  Mix things up a little. 

I am supposed to eat 5 meals per day, all consisting of basically those same macros.  So it is definitely going to take some adjustments, although it was fairly tasty today.


I have already eaten my second meal, at 10 am.  I am going to be shooting for 7 am, 10 am, 1 pm, 4 pm, and 7 pm.  Ugh.  That seems like a lot, but with each meal consisting of only 200 calories, it obviously is NOT.  I need to remind myself of that as I am going along.  So I am going to stick with it.  5 meals, spaced 3 hours apart in general.

So meal 2 is pictured here.  That’s going to be the tricky part, I think.  Convincing myself that it is a-ok to eat a chicken salad at 10 am.  I ate it.  Every bite of it.  And it tasted pretty good.  So I suppose that is a good start.  I will stick with it.

It is only 11 days.  And for dinner on the last day, I am allowed to have SOME carbs (I am just not allowed to go carb crazy) but I plan on eating some dumplings and drinking a beer at my rehearsal dinner.  And then I am going to look KILLER in my wedding dress, right?  I have spent the last nine months (and in particular since J and I made our rough p90x attempt in March) killing it at the gym, and being extremely careful with my diet.  Yes there were some times when I messed up on the diet, but even when I messed up, I made better choices than I used to make!

I want to give you guys an update on the weekend too though.  My meals are going to be SUPER boring for the next ten days, since you have now seen BOTH of them! 

I had plans with Leah on Friday night.  We were going to head to the outlets near her house for a little retail therapy.  We agreed to meet at Panera for dinner, then head to her house to drop off my car, then to the outlet.  I did well and ate exactly what I had planned at panera.  My favorite Asian Sesame Chicken salad with NO wonton strips (they added more fat to the salad than the dressing!)  I also had the whole grain bagette to get my carbs on track for the day!  It tasted awesome.  I don’t eat much bread these days, so I was excited!

My plan for the outlets was to hunt for some MORE honeymoon clothes.  I own two pairs of shorts.  2.  I don’t think jeans are going to be frequently worn on the honeymoon, so I am not sure what else to do!  I was looking for shorts as well as cute sundresses that could double as bikini coverups.  Basically that was a big ole fail, and all I wound up with was two sleeveless built-in-bra tops from reebok.  They were having better deals than Nike or Under Armor this time around.  Oops, like I needed anymore workout goodies!  Lol.  I live in that stuff, I guess, so maybe a little justified!

Saturday morning I was up early.  I got dressed in running gear from Old Navy (by the way, if you have thick or muscular thighs, their running shorts are way better than Nike’s.  They have wider leg openings and so they do not ride up as much!), got my garmin on along with my Brooks hat (oh so essential in summer runs, I have learned) and set out.  My goal was 8 miles, my longest distance to date.  I decided I was just going to stick with my 6 mile course that I figured out a while ago, and maybe just add a few extra little loops or detours into it.  I ended up at 9 miles.  I am insanely proud of myself, and I cannot believe I did it! 

J and I went to visit his sister and see her kids and new house in the afternoon which was fun, and then followed it up with a Sam’s trip.  I got egg whites and chicken breast.  We also bought some stock for some of the goodie bags that we’ll have at the hotel for some of our guests and we’ll be putting them together either Wednesday night or Thursday night of this week!  We had a date night at BW3 (our fave, and most likely my final trip pre wedding.

Sunday was a walk/run with J as he is trying to get himself ready for his first (and only, he claims) race.  We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us, I think.  Smile  And then grocery shopping and softball.  I had a nice weekend overall, and I am very excited to be able to have gotten those 9 miles done!


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