Ugh - FAIL!

Yeah, I started my day with a fail, and I will be spending the entire rest of the day trying to remedy it, I think! First thing this morning (so quarter to 5!) I came downstairs dressed in my gym stuff (minus shoes) and with the puppy. I let her out and grabbed my shoes. Before I got a chance to sit down on the kitchen floor to put my shoes on (yes, this is my routine EVERY morning), I cut a small piece of brownie from what Leah left from the cookout. It really was REALLY small (1 inch by 1 inch, probably) around 50 calories when tracked, but I was still really trying to clean up my food this week (and then maintain that cleanness).

So I tracked it and adjusted my breakfast accordingly. I am a little bit flustered with a lousy START to the day, as a lousy finish is typically much easier to deal with, but I am trying to take a deep breath and move forward with my day.

So anyway, I need to take a deep breath and move forward with this blog too!

After I ate my little brownie, I resumed my morning schedule as planned. I did sit on the floor and put my shoes on. I let the dog back into the house and then headed for the gym. Since my butt is still aching a little bit to do running sprints, I decided to use the bike for my HIIT workout. And I remembered the lesson learned last week, and I was wearing longer pants so I did not have to worry about burns on my inner thighs again.

I worked extra hard this morning. Maybe that brownie was the little kick in the butt I needed to have such a strong HIIT workout. I am not sure? I did 8.65 miles on the bike in 35 minutes. And that 35 minute time included a 5 minute warm up, a 5 minute steady (post-HIIT) ride, and a 5 minute cool down. I tried to keep my sprint sections on level 10 and around 110 rpms. I was dripping sweat from my head this workout. Now I do sweat, for sure, but normally I sweat on my body (between the boobs, etc.) but actually drips on my forehead was something that I don't see too often! Hooray for tough workouts.

I really wanted to kick it up on the HIIT because I am trying so hard to burn the fat! I really need to kick things up a notch to get the results.

So my big DAILY diet goal, other than to eat clean food (generally) is to hit 120 grams of protein. Now that is EASY these days. And I am not generally hungry (bored hunger, maybe, but not hungry). So then I spend my time trying to find carb sources without protein. Lol. Who would ever think that finding carbs would be tough? I mean, its easy to eat carbs that don't have protein. Eat sugar! But when you're trying to eat clean, then sugar won't cut it. I guess maybe I should eventually (or maybe tomorrow?) try planning my CARBS first and then work in my proteins? Extra protein isn't too hard. Eat a spoonful of powder! :-)

I think I am going to make J have a 6 day rotation. Three days of p90x strength training, and three days on the treadmill. He wanted that once he saw that I had laid out "actual" lifting things for him. Lol. Well, the p90x strength DVDs are pretty good too!

Okay, I have work to do, so that's it for now!


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