So right now, my knee is still SUPER pissed at me. The scab is falling off about every other day, and bending my knee while sitting/doing squats/ anything causes the scab to crack. I have been putting neosporin on it, and bandaging it about half the time. But I also feel like it needs air so the scab can form. Unfortunately when I give it air, then it gets stuck to my pants because the scab cracks when I bend my knee. And that is just disgusting.

So it has been a week and a half-ish since the injury occurred. I am having a tough time deciding if it is actually looking better or not!

So this morning's breakfast was pretty standard Emily fare. I made myself a protein smoothie that was pretty boring. Flax seed meal, frozen berry mix, vanilla protein powder, water (I never use milk in my smoothies because I hate it! I hate milk, I mean. Ew. And yes, I know it is good for me. And that is why I am a supplement sort of girl.

However, this smoothie did not fill me up too well. It was missing a banana, I think (note to self: go to the store!) because it has just not been thick enough lately. I go through an obscene amount of greek yogurt as well, just eating it plain for snacks, so I don't want to waste it by adding it to my smoothies where I can't enjoy it for what it is. I know that sounds a little bit weird, but it is true.

Since I was hungry still, I decided that I was going to need a little snack. So I just pulled a jar of almonds out of the cabinet. I was not feeling plain, so I decided to mix it up a little bit.Anyone ever eaten these before? Cinnamon Honey Almonds? They are Archer Farms brand (from Target) and I think that they are AMAZING. I truly would eat the whole jar if left to my own devices. But no, I am on a plan, and I will stick with the plan. So I measured out 1 ounce of almonds and savored them. I figured that was my best approach to getting full from them. And they were delicious and exactly what I needed this morning.

On my way out to the car, I stopped over at my passenger side to put my lunch bag and gym gear onto the seat. I was greeted by this guy:

He's gross I think. For any non-Ohioans who have no clue what they are looking at, that's a cicada. They are humungous and gross. About 3 summers ago we were INFESTED with them. They would dive bomb you on the street while you were out walking/running. They were disgusting. They don't bite (that I have encountered) but a giant bug smacking you in the face? Not pleasant. Luckily, this is the first one I have seen this summer.

I really need to go to the grocery store, however, I am out of town this weekend as it is J's bachelor party and like 7 guys are staying at my house. I have no interest in hanging around with that. So I am thinking fruit/veggie market tonight for just a few days worth of goodies and then the actual grocery when I get home on Sunday. I cannot go another day with frozen green beans as my only veggie for the day, and the berries in my smoothie as my only fruit. I miss my daily apple! And it has only been one day without it. I think that is sounding like my after work PLAN!


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