Saturday night was Chuck & Sara's wedding. The last wedding before ours! It is pretty exciting and a little bit nerve wracking all at once. But suffice to say, I am very excited.

The wedding was beautiful. The ceremony took place at Bellermine Chapel at Xavier University. It makes me a little bit sad sometimes to be on campus there since I just didn't make it as a student. I mean, everything happens for a reason, blah blah blah, but I feel emotional everytime I am on that campus. My freshman year there sucked, so I left, but I can't help but feel sad that I didn't finish something that I started!

But I digress, I am supposed to be talking about a wedding!

So yes, Sara looked absolutely stunning. All the hard work that she had been doing running and eating well definitely paid off and it showed!n She looked very slim with toned arms! (Couldn't see legs since they were dress covered, but I would guess that they were good looking too!) Chuck looked very handsome, and they looked SO HAPPY! I guess that is the most important part. As much as I enjoyed Jess & Mike's wedding a month ago, I had more fun at this one as I had no responsibilities!

The reception was also fun. The food was yummy, and I indulged in a cupcake and a few adult beverages. I know that starting today I am REALLY hammering out my diet, so I relaxed a little bit this weekend and tried not to worry too much about it. I danced a TON and even got J up and dancing with me (he never dances, but I love dancing, and I think he thought I looked silly dancing all by myself). No one else in our group was dancing, and i didn't really know too many other people, so I think he felt bad. Oh well. Got him up and dancing with me! I want him to dance with me at our wedding all night!

Yesterday I had a double header softball day. It was crazy! And so hot. With the temperature in the high 90s with a heat index of over 100, I just was not feeling two games! But we got through them with one win (run ruled them) and one loss (they beat us by 1 in the bottom of the seventh). In the third inning of the first game, I made a mistake tagging up on a caught fly ball and was a few steps behind. So in order to try and be even close to being safe, I slid into home. Here are the results of that:

Yeah, that's my knee yesterday after I got home. The good news is that is exactly where the scrape SHOULD be with proper sliding technique, so I guess that is something! But it HURTS!

I got up this morning and ran 5 miles. I felt like a could have run more, but my garmin died about 2.75 miles in, and then I felt a little bit lost! So I am really going for it on Thursday with QUITE a long run. At least 6 miles is my goal.


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