Playing with my new toy–Windows Live Writer

I am going to be playing with this entry today.  Yesterday I took some time and downloaded Windows Live Writer to see how it interacted with my blog.  I have heard NOTHING but good things about it, so I guess I will have to see what I think.  The blogs that I try and keep up with on a regular basis all seem to use it and seem to like how it works and uploads to their blogs, so I guess I am going to try.

Last night was pretty relaxed.  J was getting home just as I was walking out the door to head to Pipkins to buy my fruits and veggies.  I told him where I was going, and off I went with my reusable grocery bag in hand.  I ended up with a load of apples, nectarines, sweet potatoes (my favorite), a head of romaine lettuce, and a bunch of bananas (for smoothie making!).  Not too much, but enough to help me feel like I can get through the remainder of the week.  I do have some frozen veggies that I can have sometimes too.

We just had chicken sandwiches with sweet potato for dinner.  Simple, quick, yummy, healthy.  I was feeling good after I ate. 

J headed down the basement to continue to mess with our new router.  He had to buy a new one on Friday afternoon because last Wednesday or Thursday he blew up the old one by accidentally plugging the modems power source into the router.  Yeah, those are pretty different.  So it pretty much exploded the router.  And ever since he got the new one, he was been having troubles connecting only his laptop to it.  My laptop is good, his ipad is good, but his router for some reason cannot connect even though it “sees” the router.  I got to studying.  Because of everything going on with the wedding, etc., I have gotten a little bit behind on my homework for my Becker class.

I was up bright and early this morning for a little HIIT workout.  Wednesdays are my light days as I just have HIIT and nothing else (unlike all other weekdays where I lift & have 45 minutes of cardio!)  I let the dog out and was sitting on the kitchen floor putting on my shoes when I noticed something.


Remember how when I was talking about my feet I said that my big toes stick out so I put holes in socks and shoes quickly?  I bought these shoes in May.  They are my current running shoes.  It’s July.  And there is my toe sticking out.  *sigh*  I think that sucks.  Running shoes are not cheap, especially when you get orthotics in them like I do!  These ones ran me $100 for the paid of shoes, plus another thirty for the insoles.  Boo hiss.  But obviously, I love the shoes, or I would not have worn them enough to pop the hole through the top.  Or maybe this mesh is just thinner than it was on my old mizunos?  I am not sure.  These are saucony, anyone have any experience with them?

I headed out to the gym for a little HIIT.  My plan was to do it on the bike again this week, as I have been trying to “save” my running for my running days. 


So there it is, the beast that mastered me this morning.  And there I am, “mastered” laying on a mat post-HIIT, getting ready to do a little bit of ab work.  I was BEAT! But I hammered through the abs, as I have to keep up with that for my Sparkies!

I got home and showered, packed my lunch and got ready for the day.  I ironed a dress shirt for J (he needs to go to the dry cleaners soon!) and started making my breakfast smoothie. 


In this mix this morning – Whey protein, a banana, frozen mixed berries, and unpictured flax meal.  The banana definitely helped, exactly like I expected it too!  Yummy!  And YES! I even wore my hair down today!  Gotta admit, I am pretty proud of myself for that.  I never where it down.

And just for fun, here’s a picture of the little monster this morning.  She was feeling pretty fiesty, bouncing all over the place, which is different from her usual cuddle bug ways in the morning.


I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday morning, and we’ll see how today goes if I manage to squeeze in another one!


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