A Non-Diet/Non-Fitness Entry

So this morning did not start off so great. I mean, actually before we got up it was nice. We laid in bed awake for a little while this morning. We just had the TV on, and the dog was hanging out with us, feeling sad because her friend went home last night. We had Rob & Big on, which is enough to always make me laugh.

J suggested that I get up and go to starbucks to get coffee for the two of us, and he was going to work on digging a hole for my big hydrangea bush. I agreed. So I threw on some clothes, just casual. I got my Heart Mini t-shirt on, and a pair of casual shorts with my sports bra so I can just stay in it and be comfortable all day long. I can leave it on for my game later this afternoon, etc.

I grabbed my wallet and headed to starbucks. I placed our order and waited. I usually just get black brewed coffee. So that's easy, takes ten seconds to fill a cup. But no. Forgot about me. I know it was Sunday morning and they were busy, so I just sat, and kept my mouth closed. And then when someone noticed I was still standing there, and I told them what I was waiting on, they were brewing a new pot. Grrrr.... I seriously almost cried already just by standing there. I know that is a super silly thing to cry about, but it just hit me that I am not necessarily memorable to anyone. They couldn't even remember to pour my coffee, and the cup was sitting right there with the marks on it that we're supposed to have.

Then J and I kind of fought a little bit when I got home about our flowers and how they are looking crappy. I snapped at him, and he snapped back and went down the basement. So I cried (cause its how I roll) and then went outside and weeded my garden. When I was done with that, I came in and went down the basement and just sat next to Jason on the couch. I just sat and kept my mouth shut. I figured that was the best way to make things right. Then I came upstairs and he did too and we went outside to work together. Nice!

We came in after working outside and we both had many messages from Amy saying that my game time was changed to 3 pm. It was already 2:15! So I threw my shoes on and left!


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