The Long Weekend/Holiday/Race!

I know I wrote on Saturday that J and I were going to a cookout at our friends house on Saturday night. It was at Dave & Amy's place. Now J works with Amy and used to work with Dave. But I play softball with them both. They found out that I used to play, so last year I subbed on the team, and this year they needed a girl full time! So that's kind of funny that they are his friends, at least originally, but now I play softball. I enjoy it though.

When J got home from playing golf on Saturday, he showered and changed and got ready for the cookout. We stopped on the way though. At Jared to buy our wedding bands! And now, we're done! They are so beautiful, I think. I just love them. J's is very simple, I don't even think his is white gold. It might be sterling or even stainless! It just has a few little ridges on the sides of it, to make it a little bit more unique than just a plain ring. Mine is very similar to my engagement ring. White gold with princess cut diamonds in a channel setting. Its pretty. I like it. We kind of wanted to wear them right away (especially since we went home with them since they did not need any kind of sizings!) but we made sure not to.

We stopped in Norwood and picked up J's friend Josh, because I was staying sober and playing DD and Josh's wife is an OB resident and works all the time, so he needed a driver too. I honestly did not mind being their driver at all, so long as they didn't get too obnoxious. Josh and J kept their promise though, and we left at 11 pm. I was happy about that! They were playing beer pong, but they played a whole lot more cornhole, which I find far less obnoxious, even if they were drinking a lot! I hung out with Amy a lot, and I did find out that J talks about me competing to people at work, because a lot of those guys wanted some details on what it was I was doing. There also was pull ups on a rafter by myself, J and Josh. J claims to have had "beer strength" because he says there is no way he could have done that at the gym!

I drove Josh home and drove J through the drive through at white castle, which is his favorite drunk food. And he gets very loud, whiney, obnoxious, and even sometimes gets OUT OF THE CAR if I don't take him when he asks. I would rather him eat crap than those other things.

On Sunday, J and I had invited a bunch of people over for a cookout in the late afternoon. We spent all morning cleaning the house and then I got to baking the desserts that I was planning on making. Success with the dessert, and I made REAL desserts instead of trying to make them healthier. It was a holiday cookout after all! J threw together some burgers (pattied up some meat and added some other fixings. He was super proud of them) and called that his duties for the party. The party was, after all, mostly people that would be considered MY friends, although now they are becoming OUR friends.

They all came over around 4:30 and stayed until a little after 8. Then we went to the next door neighbors house to hang out with them. They were in the backyard with their friends, so we went and had some beers and watermelon. We had a good time. Our neighbors are super nice and fun and that made me feel a little sad to know that they will not be coming to the wedding (we invited them, but Steve has to work so they responded no).

I got up bright and early on Monday to head to Evendale to get registered for the race. It turns out, I was glad that I told Joe not to pick me up and that I would see him over there, because he got there just as the race was starting! I paid my $20, got my t-shirt and my bib and went back to my car to put the shirt in there. I was wearing a sleeveless moisture whicking top, so a t-shirt was not in the plans for that day!

I got stretched out and lined up with the 10 minute mile group. As I had never run this distance in ANY setting, I figured I should be conservative. I ended up finishing the race in 56:59. I was SUPER proud of being done with it in under an hour. I already signed up for my next one! I am running another 10K in August, with Amy (talked about above). I am not sure though. Her last 10K was in 1:09. :-) I wound up as third in my age group. Also, it was not chip timed (turns out, I hate races that are not chip timed since they don't count the 30-45 seconds it takes to CROSS the starting line!) so I went by the time that was on my garmin that I started when I cross the line and stopped when I cross the finish. PS - it POURED for about 2 miles and we all ended up DRENCHED!

Today my diet is back on track 100% which has me feeling good!


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