It has been a few days since my last blog. The last few days have held, the gym, running, HIIT, lifting, two 4 hour classes, cooking and meal planning, baking cookies for a work potluck, vet appointments for my dog, splitting my knee scab, my best friend had her baby, planning a birthday dinner for Leah, and more. It feels like things have been pretty busy since Monday - when I last wrote. So there is my beautiful bestie and her amazing son Caden. Caden was born on Wednesday at 11:56 pm by c-section. He's so handsome already, but I guess he has good genes (you can see his mother, but his father's good looking too!)

However, being so busy with no real time to get my thoughts down "on paper" has me feeling kind of reflective.

I have been living in Cincinnati for 6 years this summer. In those six years my life has completely changed.

I went from a 22 year old girl whose weight varied HUGELY between 99 lbs and 130 lbs, lowest being far to thing for a gal of 5'6", 130 being "normal" however I have only weighed that the first winter I was not in any way lean. Currently I weigh a stable 120 (+/- 2), and VERY lean. I finished up my career in public accounting and made the decision that a more relaxed work environment was MUCH better for me (now this was only a change in the last year, but a BIG one). I realized that I would LOVE to be a trainer/group instructor but at this point in my life I want to contribute to my household/future, so accountant it is. :-) I got a Masters degree. I had a few men in my life, I had my heart broken more than once, and more than once by the man I am going to marry in just 36 days. I made the decision to really focus on getting healthy, and started eating a mostly clean diet in an effort to get lean, look great, and feel even better. I got engaged to the most wonderful person I know who tolerates (and even LOVES my quirks). I have made new friends and forgotten some old ones. I was diagnosed (finally) with bipolar disorder, and I got help to fix me.

It amazing. I mean, it has been a very long 6 years, however, I have made a lot of progress in becoming the kind of woman that I want to be. I have gotten my priorities to a place where I am generally comfortable with them. I have work to do, goals to set, and things to figure out still, but I have made huge progress as a person.

I am not yet completely sure what is next for me, I have ideas of different things that I definitely want to do.

I started browsing bicycles online today because I am thinking there will be some cycling (possibly in the form of a sprint tri) in my future. I found a few that I like, so I guess I have to start saving my money! :-)

I also need to get my butt in the pool sometime if that is to be the case. I guess I am just so inexperienced as a swimmer that I am nervous to share a lane with someone while training. So I think I am going to talk to my fellow 5 am gym goer, and see what things are like in the pool then. Maybe I can learn to properly swim in the early early mornings, then if I am at the pool when there are a lot of other folks there, I will be experienced!

I guess that is it for today. Tomorrow Leah and I are going to meet Caden for the first time, and then we're going out to dinner to celebrate her 25th birthday! I can't wait!


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