I just feel like this is the longest week EVER. It is only Tuesday! How on earth am I going to last until Chuck and Sara's wedding on Saturday? I cannot WAIT for their wedding. It is the last wedding before mine! Eeeeiii!

I spoke with the coach yesterday regarding a 10-12 day super strict plan leading up to my wedding. He said we could definitely do that, IF I cut out cardio for that time and ONLY focused on strength training. Now, under normal circumstances, I am definitely game for that. I am always willing to give up cardio because I despise it. However there are a few things that I am thinking about this:

1. running has become my stress relief. It is what I do when I am feeling bad. And I imagine the 12 days before the wedding will be mega stressful/want to run.

2. I have already had my dress taken in. I am guessing that I am going to need to again. And I am scared that if I do a mega strict plan that week, I will really lean out, and will not have time to take my dress IN at the last minute.

I decided last night to go with it. I told Joe we were on. I am sure that EVERYTHING will turn out awesome. I will have them tuck in the dress a little bit extra when I go in for my next fitting at the end of July. I am sure that it will work out. It has to work out!

I started writing this post on Tuesday afternoon, but that turned out to be a crazy busy day, so I am going to get it finished and posted here on Wednesday!

Yesterday, I was craving something different than my usual berries & protein smoothie, so I busted out my waffle iron.

I made those waffles with some bisquick, egg whites and protein powder. Because of the powder, they were kind of dense and spongey, but I know that is the consistency that you get with protein powder unfortunately. Might toss a little baking powder into the mix next time to see if that helps the texture. The flavor was very good though. And I just ate them plain. They were very very tasty.

Yesterdays lunch was a standard. Turkey breast (lunchmeat), apple, peanut butter, salad. It was good.And just to prove that I am DEFINITELY a creature of habit, here is what I ate for lunch today. Other than the fact that the apple is on the other side of my plate, does anyone spot any differences? I don't!Last night J and I grilled out despite the ridiculous heat! We just made some burgers and I cooked sweet potato fries. Although they were not "fries" per se, since I baked them, but they are our favorite, so yum! I didn't get a picture of that however. Boo to me. But it was a yummy dinner.

J is a big dessert guy though, so Emily dieting is tough on him. It is getting better, because I think he is slowly getting past the fact that he "needs" something sweet after dinner every day. Only on some days now. Yesterday was one of those days. He wanted cookies, and I was in the mood to spend a little time in the kitchen and show off my skills. Lucky J! The result is below: :-) Chocolate chip cookies! I bet it is the first time I have made them from scratchy in my adult life. It was one of those things that I would beg my mom to bake when I was a kid so I could help with it. But honestly, they are not really something that I enjoy eating, so I have not had too much reason to make them. I do love batter however, so I have bought the premade dough, and just eaten it. But lucky for me, J wanted cookies, not cookie batter, so I baked them all up and ate just one. :-) It was good, but it was still warm. So now that they are no longer warm, my interest in them is pretty much gone. That's pretty sweet, right?

J said they were really yummy. I like to hear it.

I have been thinking a little. He wanted me to get him set up on a plan so he is working out again. He has been fairly consistent this week (it just started Monday - so for two days he has been consistent). Maybe he needs something to work toward like I have? I know that it keeps me accountable to know that in November I will be stepping on the stage in a teeny tiny bikini! So what can we do for him to keep him working toward a goal? My initial thought is to get him to sign up for the Thanksgiving Day 10K with me and we can be turkey trotters together. However, I am not sure that I can convince him to do this!

But I am going to try....


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