I finished yesterdays entry just after lunch time. I still had a few hours at work to go. I was busy doing some recons. I know that is one of those kind of things that I spend hours on and often times feel like I am not getting ANYWHERE! You know? You just work in an excel spreadsheet all the time, and tie things out, but ugh. I get so bored of it. I know that today is going to have a lot of that as well. I guess it is just the time of the month that it is. Close is over, so now it is time for account reconciliations. At least yesterday I was able to move forward from one of the months that I had spent a long time on.

Around 3:30 I had my snack. I mixed up the snack a little bit yesterday from what I normally make. I did have my usual greek yogurt. But instead of a cereal bar or nothing else, I packed a little baggie of grapes!

They were pretty good. Eating grapes is another thing that is kind of new for me. I really have not eaten them too much prior to recently. And even now, it is not the first choice of fruits that I buy when I am at the store. But J did the fruit and veggie shopping last weekend, and he bought some grapes, so i guess I will eat them. Yay for me, eating new fruits!

I worked till a little bit after 5 pm, because I wanted to get some extra time in because today I am going to leave a little bit early in order to get downtown for the happy hour that J's coworkers are having for J and I (and also Chuck and Sara - but Sara will not be there). Its a wedding celebration happy hour! So I needed to work all day, even though I did not take a lunch so I can do that! I ended up there for 9.5 hours yesterday. Now compared to my old job, that is nothing, but for this job, that is pretty long. Lol. Its weird how different things are with my job than they used to be.

When I got home from work last night, I hung out for a little while and did a little bit of ab work, while watching the Teen Mom that I fell asleep during last night. When J called to let me know that he was on his way home, I went downstairs and started preparing some dinner for us. J had requested stir fry. So I worked to modify the recipe - well, the standard recipe, to fit in my diet. I used no oil, and only one tbsp of soy sauce, we had a ton of veggies in there, chicken (4 oz apiece), and rice noodles. I only ate a little bit of noodles (since my carbs were a little bit high for the day), and tons of chix and veggies. Yum-o. It is one of J's favorite meals!

Okay, that was from yesterday and referring to Wednesday! Last night, J and I attended a happy hour with a lot of his coworkers/friends to celebrate our upcoming marriage, as well as Chuck's marriage (he and J met at work!) that is this weekend! We had a nice time, and admittedly, I enjoyed a few beers along with my quest bar dinner, but all in all, I didn't mess up too bad. I did well the rest of the day in order to allow for that. So it worked out just fine. :-)

I went to J's softball game after that, which I know they were bumming about, because they were up 7-1 at one point, and ended up losing the game 10-9. So that stinks. To be so far ahead and then to blow it? Eep. I had a good time through with a few other girlfriend/wives.

Tonight we are going out to the bar to watch the Reds v. the Cardinals. J and I, as usual, have dinner riding on this series. I always root for the Cards despite living in Cincinnati. :-) I have my plan all ready to go with what I can eat tonight and what I won't. That always makes it so much easier for me.


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