How I loved my foam roller

I had a 60 minute Swedish massage last night.  Honestly, it was pretty sweet. I had a living social deal from a while ago that expires in a few weeks, so I figured I better get it used!  No pictures of my massage therapist though, because I didn’t want her to think I was a complete weirdo.  (Yes, I am a complete weirdo, I am aware of this, but I didn’t want someone I just met to already think that!)  It was awesome. 

I had only two knots (one in my neck and one on my right tricep), and my right IT band was pretty tight, right through my rear, so she loosened that back up.  I knew that was there though, I had been having a little bit of pain there, and I assumed it was a combo of squats/deadlifts & running.  So overall, it could have been much worse.  She asked if I always stretched out after I work out (I do!) and she said that it was obvious, because a lot of times when she works on people that workout hard like I do, they are much tighter!  So hooray for me.  She did a good job, and I felt great.  I would definitely book her for a massage again.  J has his on Monday (I bought a second deal for him as a gift), so we’ll see what he thinks. 

This morning, I decided I might as well undo that loose feeling in my hip with some more squats and deadlifts.  I paid particular attention to my form today to make sure I kept everything in its proper place.  It felt a little tight when I got home, so I got out my foam roller and loosened things up a bit.  It helped a lot.  I have a feeling that as I continue to lift heavy like that and add distance to my regular runs my foam roller and I are going to become BFF. 

When I bought my foam roller a few months ago, I was crazy excited about it.  I just bought this one.  It is definitely not the best there is out there, but I had not really used one before, and I wanted to test it out with something not terribly expensive before I fully committed to it.  But I do love it, admittedly, especially on my rear end!  That plus the hip thing is always tight!


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