Happy Friday

I am going to try and write this and be a little bit more upbeat than I was yesterday.

Last night was J's softball game. They were having "fan appreciation" night, where a lot of their coworkers who do NOT play on the team came. I was also there with one of the players girlfriends and anothers wife. I am somewhere in the middle of those, I guess! (50 more days until I qualify as WIFE, by the way!)

While I am super glad now to work so close to where J and I live, yesterday I was a little sad about the fact that I did not work downtown. The softball field where he plays is VERY close to downtown and where I have always worked prior to this job. So then I could have met him at the Mexican place (and enjoyed a water! lol) before the game at 6:30. Oh well. It is better this way because I had to go and let the dogs out anyway.

So when I got home, I made myself a little pseudo-dinner. I grabbed this 9 grain bun that needed eating (we bought it fresh at a bakery, those definitely do not stay as good for as long as like "wonder bread!"), a vanilla quest bar, and a bottle of water. We're talking water bottle here. It was swag from a race that I ran back in march, actually. After I got all of my things together, I got in the car to head down there.

I was already feeling hungry, so I decided I better just eat. So I started with my roll.

It was delicious. However, when you are pretty much eating bread, you definitely get a little dried out. Enter: water!

Excuse how pretty I look while drinking from my water bottle. Just know that it was refreshing.

I ate my Quest bar (along with a grape popsicle - pure sugar, but delicious!) during the game. Once the game was over, I hung out with J and the boys for a little while. Then J asked me if I would pick us up McDonalds for dinner on the way home. I told him that I had eaten since I packed my bar and stuff, and he was like "you can't be at your calories for the day!" oh yes, J, I can. I plan this stuff... :-) I agreed to pick up his mcnuggets though, and reminded him that his new workout plan starts on Monday! He agreed. "Yes, Monday, for SURE!" I am holding him to it. I don't want to be way hotter than my hubby! ;-)

I did a few things on the computer while J at his dinner, and then we went up to bed. We got some pretty major storms last night, which definitely had Reagan scared! Reagan is my friend Jon's dog that we are puppy sitting this week. She is afraid of just about everything though. Here is the pups together from an earlier visit with the two of them.

Our dog, Teek, is the grey one. I am pretty sure they are besties and they cuddle like this all day when we're not home. :-)

This morning's workout was legs. It was the lighter weight, higher rep day. I know Joe is working on my plan now, so today MIGHT *fingers crossed!* be the last day of deep squats for 20 reps. It has been a struggle since I have started running more, since running gives me a good butt workout as well! But I always get all 20 in at the lower weight!

I had some overnight oats (prepared cold this morning before I showered, and then eaten after) for breakfast, with a little protein powder thrown into the mix. They were quite yummy again.
PS - don't you LOVE my red mug? It is our new dishes that we have been getting as wedding gifts. We pretty much like only red things, we learned when we were registering. Its not bad luck to use wedding gifts before the wedding, is it? I mean, they were SHOWER gifts, technically.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend everyone, if I do not get around to posting, and say a little prayer for me, since I am taking my exam tomorrow bright and early! (8 am!)


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