Cycle 2 - The beginning

Sports Bra Sparkies Cycle 2 starts tomorrow! I am honestly pretty excited for it. I am determined to stick with the plan this time, and do my 5 day per week ab workouts. I decided to take pictures today because tonight I am going out to eat out and enjoy a cheat meal. Were having Italian at Maggianos, which I am really nervous about. I haven't eaten pasta in... a long time. But I guess that is when you get to enjoy a cheat meal!

I sort of don't even want one. So I might take a close look at the menu and maybe order something a little bit "less" bad. Whatever that might be! So I guess we'll see what I can find out when we get to the restaurant tonight. I am eating my normal meals today during the day. I don't feel like I should super short myself on calories or anything, just to make up for later, but oh well. I just need to eat the pasta that I want in moderation. That's what they are always teaching the keys to be, right?

Anyway, here are my beginning Sports Bra Sparkies pictures! :-)

I am really hoping that these next 6 weeks leading up to my wedding can be SUPER productive in the body department! And yes, that's Teek, drinking a beer. Grrr.... J....


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