Competing decision and OATMEAL

As most people know, I am working on preparing for my very first – hopefully of many – competitions. For this first round, I am competing in the bikini class, just to kind of play it safe, I guess. I am not sure if that is the right place for me or not, but I think it is a good starting point.

Reasons I question it? I have watched a lot of you tube videos and stuff of various competitions, and this level seems to be very sexy. Yes, the ladies are incredibly fit, but it is not necessarily focused on the work you have done to achieve that, rather your proportions, etc. Now, the big disclaimer here is that THIS IS MY OPINION!

So we’ll see what happens after this one. It may turn out that my physique develops exactly to fit this mold, and it will be great for me.

Anyway, I have been reading EVERYTHING I can about getting ready for your first competition, devouring articles even, and doing as much research as I possibly can. I have learned about what to look for in a suit (even what color I should pick!), where to buy shoes from that won’t be terribly expensive, ideas for practicing walking in my shoes since they will be 5 inches tall, and that is pretty high for the average girl!

I have increased my knowledge about diet, about lifting weights, about cardio and the benefits that it does and does not provide. I have become a runner, which is rather counterintuitive for wanting to be a physique competitor, but I am loving it, and it is definitely helping me come up with additional concrete goals to set (ie: Flying Pig Half – May 2012!) and it has become my cardio of choice. Who knew?

I ate a pretty typical Emily-style lunch. Diet coke, salad with 4 ounces of chicken, apple and peanut butter. Thank goodness for my Pipkins run last night. Helped me to be able to eat this delicious meal!

Has anyone ever eaten these? Oh my gosh. I just ate my first one ever (mix up the carb source a little) and it was AMAZING. I am just eating a Quest bar for dinner, so I wanted to make sure to eat a pretty filling snack. So I ate my oatmeal bar and a can of tuna. Yum yum. I pretty much hit all of my macros square on the head today. I had one extra gram of protein and one extra fat too. Boo for that, but otherwise, I was dead on which I am proud of.

I have yet another 4 hour Becker review course tonight. Wish me luck. 3 more for this session, then two weeks to study, then the exam, then off till after the wedding!


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