Body Tribute?

I saw a few other blogs over the last few days talking about their bodies. It hit me that I might need to write a similar one because I have been feeling a little down about my lack of progress (at least as I see it!) as of late. So if I have been feeling down and discouraged about that, I guess I need to do something to make myself realize that I have been working hard and it IS paying off, even if I cannot see it. So to my friends who wrote these blogs first - thank you for your inspiration.

However, I am writing my blog at work, therefore I won't have any fun pics of my body like the other folks.

So without further adieu, my body is awesome and here is what I love:

My feet:
They are honestly ugly feet. 10 years of ballet will do that to you. Plus my big toes stick out funny and poke holes into socks and shoes much more quickly than is normal. And they are callused and I never get a pedicure as often as I should. BUT they get me from place to place. They can easily be comfortable moving in 5 inch heels (good thing - I'll need to do that for the comp!) and when I do take care of them, they look pretty. :-)

My arms:
Recently especially I have been working incredibly hard at the gym. My arms have reaped the benefit of this more than any other body part, at least visibly. They are looking very strong, and very cut right now, and I love them.

My hair:
Sometimes I hate it, but I have to recognize how lucky I am. I have enough hair for probably 3-4 people. It is black black black and right now it is LONG... It is so thick too! When I go to get a hair cut (and get it thinned out) people often ask if my hair was down to my butt when we started the cut because of the amount of hair that is on the floor (and I only got a trim!) While I wear it up in a little knot on the back of my head the majority of the time, I always get compliments when I do wear it down.

Despite all of my strength, I struggle with my body. I have a poor body image (although it is getting better all the time). Most women have a poor body image. I am chatting with a friend today who has abs that I ENVY and she is asking my advice about supplements, cleanses, etc, because she is feeling bad about herself. So it is weird that most women feel that way, at least sometimes. I honestly think that it sort of sucks. I would say there are some of us who are much worse about it than others.

How do YOU feel about your body?


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