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So I have been "blogging" since 2002. Lol. Ever since I left XU for the summer - never to return as it turned out. However, I think the workouts/diet has really started to focus what I blog about! I think that is a good thing. Plus I have become more of a reader of those blogs that have similar focuses.

It is weird to read these other blogs and think that people can do that for a living!? I mean, yes, some people do other things, but their main focus is writing everyday about whatever it is their focus is! And I think that is so cool. I love reading just normal stuff about what someone ate for lunch (it gives me ideas!), the workout that someone did, etc. Those kinds of things interest me greatly!

So I am working hard here, trying to get things going for myself. Not that I ever will be able to do what those ladies do, but to get people checking me out and reading, that'll be awesome.


I got a package in the mail yesterday. My future cousin Danielle sent it. I have been close to her pretty much since we met. She got married to one of J's cousins last August, so they will celebrate their anniversary very shortly before we get married!
They took a very belated honeymoon, and they actually went to a very small island off the coast of India. The pictures that she sent were AMAZING. Blue water everywhere. Fingers crossed that Mexico is so beautiful when J and I get there in a few months! Anyway, since she was on her honeymoon late, she was not at the shower in Toledo where all of the family was.

The package was kind of a "bride" present, which I found to be SUPER fun. It had in it a t-shirt that said "Bride" in rhinestones, a kozy (however you want to spell that) that said "I'm the Bride, that's why" some drink markers for the various members of the wedding party (bride, groom, best man, etc), a photo album, and a fabulous hat.
I plan on using the kozy at every opportunity prior to the wedding. Beer, diet coke, whatever! Because I am the bride, that's why!

I rode the bike for my cardio today. Mixed it up a little from the usual Friday elliptical. Since I had my HRM on, I knew that I was still getting a good workout in, even though I had my Becker book with me, trying to get a little bit of extra studying in. It was actually easier to read the book on the bike than it was to do it on the elliptical. I figured as long as I could keep my heart rate up, I was in good shape.

I am super relieved that it is Friday. I needed the weekend. I need some rest too! I want to get ready to run my tail off on Monday morning! I am super excited for it, even though I am nervous. But it will be one thing to check off the list (bucket list style) if I am able to run the whole thing. Tom, my boss, asked what the goal was for me for the race. I told him I wanted to run the whole thing. That was it. He kind of laughed at me saying that I can run a sub-27 minute 5K and I run 4-6 miles twice a week. I can definitely run the whole thing. He's right, I know he is right, I just don't have an expectations beyond that right now. I just don't know what to expect at this point, so I don't want to worry about it.

J took the day off today to get some stuff done. He got his oil changed and he ran to Sams Club and bought meat for the cookout that we're throwing on Sunday afternoon. He also brought me home a present!

Yeah, 4th of July flowers. Yes the blue ones were sprayed blue, but I like them and I think they are fun! And I feel loved. :-)


  1. Love the 4th of July flowers (even if the blue is spray painted) :) Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


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