As most (ok, anyone who has read my blog ever!) people know, I eat more protein than the average woman. I have to eat 120 grams per day. I had my usual shake/smoothie for breakfast today, but I was feeling in the mood for some experimentation this afternoon for lunch. And to be honest, sometimes meat gets kinda lame. I eat a can of tuna most days for lunch. Or turkey breast meat. Lame.

So I decided lunch today was going to be an experiment with protein powder to give me one of my favorite comfort food meals that also fit the bill of my diet.

PROTEIN WAFFLES! They were sort of cheated by using a bit of a bisquick base, but they turned out yummy and I wanted to know the nutritional content, so I entered them into Spark. Search for "Emily's Easy Protein Waffles." I think they would be equally good as pancakes! But J and I got a belgain waffle maker as a shower gift, so I like to use it! The recipe made three, but I only ate two, so that is the leftover one, and yes, it is in saran wrap. But that's better than no picture of it at all!

I ate my waffle alongside:

DIET COKE! And yes, that is my new kozy. Told you yesterday I wanted to use it all the time! My friend Sara already text me and said I am going to want something more adult in there as I get closer to wedding time. She might be right, but for right now, I am happy!

We have a BBQ/party to go to tonight. It is J's friend's 30th birthday party! It will be one of those beer pong type things. I hate them. Plus, I am always the driver, and that sucks. But I pretty much told J that is just isn't fun for me when I am the driver. I really don't know anyone too well, and he just plays beer pong, so that is NOT FUN. I felt like I needed to tell him that for sure. So I did. Apparently I am not the only significant other/spouse who feels that way. He said his friend James said his wife said the same thing. And he PROMISED we would leave by 11. I think I can maybe handle 11.

Fingers crossed.


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