Yesterdays question asked+class!

Last nights class was long... That is really all that I can say about it at this point. It lasted the full time, from 6-10. The hardest part is maintaining focus for that long. However, I did find that I was focusing better than I do when I am watching the lectures (or whatever) at home, as I have done previously. So maybe this time, finally, will work for me and I will pass! That would be awesome. I have my fingers crossed.

I was asked yesterday how I got about "planning" my meals. To be honest, not as well as I should. Lol.

My main goal right now is to fit into my "allowances". According to the coach, I should be eating as much of my diet in whole foods (versus processed products) as possible. Clean eating, as they say. In general, I do ok with it. The things that I am eating that are not "clean" include granola bars, cereal, and a very few other things. Mostly carbs, but I suppose that is where your processed ingredients are found, right? I am working on it though. Easing them out. Trying to get more carbs from fruits and stuff instead!

I also eat 1500 calories per day. I take in 4 fish oil capsules (the number I take is determined by the DHA & EPA content of each pill). I eat 120 grams of protein (people average 60). I eat 140 grams of carbs (average is probably closer to 200). And I eat around 50 grams of fat (this is probably pretty close to the norm for folks who don't eat fried foods all the time, etc....) Within these restrictions, I eat what I want. I carry bars and baggies of protein powder in my purse all the time just in case. I repeat my lunch between two different things, pretty much all the time. It has become how I live.

As of now, since I am still months away from my competition, I am allowed to drink dry red wine (but I must count the calories and carbs in my daily counts) and I am allowed to cheat meals per week. Normally this is only 1, and its usually pizza or bws, since bws is our favorite.

Also - today was a running day. I ran 5.16 miles OUTSIDE! Last week when I did my 5 miles for the first time I did them on the indoor track. So proud!


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