Wedding Stress, plus feeling... off...

I have come to the realization that I am getting married in LESS than 2 months. And I know that these next two months are going to FLY BY! I am getting nervous because I am not sure at this point what I still need to be doing. Is there random DIY projects that I should be doing currently that I am not? I have no idea... And that makes me feel anxious.

I think I might use some time today to start browsing hairstyles and make up application for THE day. As of this moment, all that I know is that I want to wear my hair UP. With that slinky sexy dress, that is really the only option. Plus, I can't wear my hair down with as long as it is right now for more than a half hour. I proved that this morning when I pulled it up in a knot about 10 minutes after I got to work. It is just so long right now that it makes me absolutely nuts!

My friend Sara is getting married two weeks from Saturday, and when I asked her if she and her fiance wanted to come over on Sunday, she said that every waking moment that she and Chuck are together is being spent doing wedding stuff. And so I think that has added to my nerves. If she has SO MUCH stuff to do, what do I have to do still?

This morning I started throwing together a rough draft of the program as well as browsing readings, etc. I asked my girlfriends how they wanted their names to be listed and made sure to reflect that. I will ask my sister and the groomsman too, of course, but Leah and Katie are the easiest to reach in the middle of the day! So I have them all up to date in there. I am going to keep playing with fonts and add in additional things as they get figured out, but I am definitely making headway with it.

I guess I am just stressed because I feel like I need to be doing wedding stuff. And in all honesty, I am not even sure what needs doing.


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