Oh my gosh. I woke up sick this morning. A lot of congestion and a nasty sinus headache. That sucks especially because of the wedding festivities up in Dayton! Jess is getting married tomorrow and I cannot wait! I am so happy for her. This has been a long time coming for her, so I am thrilled to be a part of her BIG DAY! I am not a bridesmaid, as she and Mike both have only one attendant, but I am running the show. In charge of flowers and making sure that everyone is in the correct place at the correct time.

Okay - Sparkies - here is my reaction/resolution to the last 6 weeks that I have spent on the Sports Bra Sparkies team that I have been a part of for the last 6 week.
1. Great group of girls, very supportive of each other
2. While having a plan (do this video 5 times per week) is helpful to some who need that kind of structure, it was not great for me. I work out hard all the time every day. Trying to throw that into the mix that often as well was too much. I actually ended up with a majorly painful inflammed muscle in my abs, and pretty much had to stop doing that. So if you have a good thing in place, stick to the plan and be accountable to the team, and you'll do great!
3. I LOVED the weekly food challenges. My diet is the toughest part, so thanks for helping me come up with new ideas.
4. I had success! While there is still room for improvement (there always is!) I definitely am starting to get some cuts in my belly. Yesterday I went to the track to do some sprints and because it was hot and sunny - I wore just my sports bra with my shorts. I felt good. And I got a thumbs up from the older man (like 75!) who was walking on the track. Not sure if it was cause I looked good, or was working hard. Either way, its awesome.
5. I want to be more accountable next time we do this. I want to check in more, etc. I want to post my pictures EVERY WEEK.

My mom's trip here was great. I am so glad that she was here, even though as soon as she left I felt sad and lonely. On Wednesday (bday!) she arrived and we went to a store that has a lot of crafty Halloween and Christmas type things. We love those kind of places, and I need to start finding more of them. She bought me a Halloween ornament as a present. She also brought me a shower gift and bachelorette gift since she was not at the parties last week. For my shower she got me a hydrangea bush. The blue ones. That is the main flower in the wedding. Now I need to get it planted. Hopefully on Sunday! My bachelorette gift was a pair of earrings. They are really pretty and I am wearing them to the wedding tomorrow and then for my own rehearsal dinner, I think.

We also went to Pipkins which is my little market where I buy my produce. I got my stuff, but it wasn't looking that good. I know I know, it is June. It is not apple time. But I LOVE apples, and I eat one every day so I need to have them in my house!

When J got home from work we went out to dinner for my bday and then got ice cream. I had a turkey burger (I swapped out the beef) but had it with blue cheese and bacon and a sweet potato on the side. AMAZING. I love sweet potatoes. It might be a slightly unhealthy obsession (not that sweet potatoes are unhealthy though as they are NOT, but I just love them!) And I also had ice cream from Dairy Queen. Naughty. But delicious!

I opened my presents for my birthday from my family that my mom brought down after dinner. She bought me a (lab-created) sapphire bracelet that matches the necklace I am wearing at the wedding. My brother Joe got me a Justin Verlander t-shirt. He's my Tiger! :)

Yesterday my mommy and I grocery shopped. We went to Jungle Jims which is a HUGE grocery store with all kinds of sections in it with very authentic ethnic grocery items. For instance, there is a hot sauce my coworker brought home from a trip in the Philipines, and they carry it! We also hit up trader joes. They don't have it where my mom lives, so she really likes to go when she visits.

Only 64 days till my wedding!


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