Its Hump Day as well as the "first day of school." I have not been to school since I graduated with my Master's Degree almost 5 years ago to the date! It is not like it is actually school so much, it is just that I am headed down to UC to take a CPA review course. Apparently God (or someone) decided that it was finally time for me to pass this exam. It was not me though, as I had pretty much put all thoughts of the exam aside. And had done that for quite a while!

I am just now finishing up the lunch that I packed for myself. Its pretty much the usual. I did decide that I was going to drink a diet coke along with it though. I figure I drink enough water to wash out any bloat that might come along with the coke.

But since I have class tonight, today's food will be a little bit off from what I would like it to be. I have to do better at the planning stuff once I get used to going to class every week and stuff. I packed some Quest bars to get my protein in, but I know that is not necessarily the best way to do that. Food would be better, of course, but hey. I have just not planned all that well for protein this week. I didn't go to the grocery last weekend, so I don't have any cottage cheese at my house, which is becoming a protein staple!

Today is also a rather hectic day at the office. It is the first day of May close, and so I am working hard to try and get that stuff done. I just want tomorrow and Friday to be easy. I am leaving early on Friday to head to Toledo because Saturday will be my first bridal shower! Admittedly, I am scouring my registry DAILY to see what gifts people have bought so far. Yes, that is terrible, and I honestly do feel a little bit guilty about it, but hey, I am certain that I am not the only bride that does this. I know because I talked to my friend Sara (who is getting married in July) and she does this too!

Friday will be another full body progress picture day. 2 weeks after my last ones! Hard to believe I am there for progress pics already! Hopefully there will be some differences that are notable again this week. Woo hoo!


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