I have been a slacky mcslackerson blogger lately, which I am feeling a little bit sad about. But things have started going crazy a little with the wedding and stuff, so I guess I have to just accept it! Invitations are done and mailed, and we are actually already getting response cards in the mail every single day. So eeep! It is so crazy to be here now. Just over 2 months to go!

I took progress pics this morning. So I will be able to post them here today.

day 1, 1 month, 2 months backside shot

Front Comparison

Side 1 Comparison

Side 2 Comparison

I think there are definite differences. And the Side 2 pic, I didn't take pics of both sides on Day 1, but have for both month 1 and month 2. So that is why there is only two in that one. :-)

I have had a frustrating morning. I was feeling upset with my MOH and feeling ready to make an adjustment to my wedding party in all honesty. I had been feeling guilty about not asking my sister to play that role in the first place.

I don't know. I am flustered with her, but she is due to give birth in a month and I feel like I shouldn't talk about it. I feel guilty for feeling flustered.

Maybe I just miss my mommy. :-( She isn't far - like three hours away - but that is FOREVER away when you are trying to plan a wedding and you just need your mommy to be around, you know?

Shower #2 + Bachelorette party tomorrow night!


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