Hi ya'll! Thanks for the nice things said about my pictures that I posted the other day. I did have a great time. The coral-ish dress, for everyone who complimented me on it, came from the Limited. I bought it when EVERYTHING in the store was 40% off. So I pretty much had to stop at check things out at that point! I was shopping by myself, so I didn't have anyone that I knew who could offer me their perceptions on how I looked in it, and what I ended up asking the girl was, "do I look like I have 'man arms' in this dress?" She was very reassuring that they just looked very toned and not manish and that she was jealous. So I bought it. Along with a fancier strapless purple dress that I am going to wear to my friends wedding this weekend. I'll do pictures of that then.

My shower and bachelorette party were so much fun. Consider yourselves lucky to have seen the pictures as I did not post them on facebook since I limited who I was inviting so much and did not want people to be upset about it. I mean, in reality, it was my bridesmaids, family, and 3 close friends. That was it. So I don't want to offend any of my friends that I invited to the shower and NOT to the party, you know? So yeah, you got to see pictures that some of my friends did not see!

I took them all on the brand new camera that I got as a gift from my future mother in law at my first shower. We registered for a camera in order to be able to take awesome pictures on our honeymoon, and I plan on taking full advantage of it even up until then! So we used it at the shower and the bachelorette, I am going to take it to Jess's wedding this weekend, Sara's wedding in July, out to dinner tonight for MY BIRTHDAY with my mommy, etc.

Yes, my mommy. J - as a surprise birthday gift - made arrangements for my mom to get a rental car (she and my brother have been sharing one for the summer) so she could come down here this morning and stay until tomorrow so she could be with me for my birthday! It was about the best birthday surprise I have ever gotten, because I actually had a small breakdown and cry moment on Sunday when I got home from the hotel post-party because my mom couldn't be there. So J surprised me when I got home from class on Monday night with that news.

I got home and went up to bed (it was after 10, and I had a 5 am gym date!) and there were lumps under the covers where I sleep. J was still up playing with his ipad. It is his favorite thing these days. So I pulled back the covers and there was a card with a hot pink envelope and a present wrapped in snowman paper (hey, he does what he can!) He told me I had to open the package first - even though I pretty much already knew what it was! It was a new toy that I asked for. The Garmin Forerunner 405CX. I haven't used it yet, as today was just some treadmill sprint work, but tomorrow Leah is coming to run with me, and we'll both be wearing ours! And in the card was a note that said that my mom was coming for my birthday and that was my surprise present! I am so excited about it.

Workouts have been going well. I am actually on a small maintenance period right now which allows me some extra calories and carbs. So far it is weird and tough. I have just adjusted to "dieting" I guess so adding those things seems so weird to me. But then I will be back at it starting next week for 2 months, then 10 day maintenance for my honeymoon, then we'll be in FULL COMP MODE! Eeeiii!

Have a great day everyone!


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