Better late than never ab shots - and my shower!

We'll start with some progress pictures from my abs. This is after three weeks on the "Sports Bra Sparkies" team.

Emily 3 week abs - front Definitely can see some definition coming in there!

And the side. Sorry its a crappy shot. These things happen with phone cameras as I am sure that you all know!

I can definitely see some differences in my front shot. I think the side picture is so crappy you can't see anything. Except the fact that they do seem flat. No bulges there! Wow! I am making some progress.

So anyway. This weekend J and I went to our hometown for my first briday shower. J played golf with two of his uncles while he was there. Obviously, a bridal shower was not the correct place for him! :-) My sister and my Aunt were in charge of it. And we had it at my Aunt's house. It was going to be the combined families, so admittedly I was a little bit nervous about that. J's mom and my mom have met before, but all other family, this would be the first time that they met!

My mom, grandma and I arrived at my Aunt's house around noon on Saturday. My sister was already there. We brought the chocolate covered pretzels that my mom and I had been up late making, as well as some gifts (for me!) and a few other things that were needed. I think my mom made the chicken? Plus the cake (which was from my grandma). We just kind of hung out after we had our food set up until other relatives started arriving around 1. I immediately began to feel uncomfortable (and relieved that my sister decided to have wine) and poured a small glass of red.

Everyone had lunch (menu selected by me!) and that included about 7 different salads, as well as some chicken and pulled pork. You could have them on a little slider bun if you wanted. I just ate mine on the plate though. Once we were done with food, my aunt announced that it was time for gifts. My sister sat in the seat next to me, and my friend Christine got a paper plate (she was going to make my bouquet for my rehearsal).

I got what felt like a TON of gifts! I got a lot of place settings of dishes that we wanted (everyday dishes - we did not want china), a new (bigger) george foreman grill, some cooking/baking things, bathroom stuff for j's man cave bathroom, etc. Overall it was quite the haul!

J and his Uncle showed up as people were leaving, and they loaded up our car so there was less stuff to move! Love it!


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