Wow, we had one hell of a storm last night. It really did not last long at all (maybe 20 minutes) but within the first 3 a tree fell in my neighbors front yard. It was BLACK outside too. So that was crazy! But then it just all of a sudden cleared up. It even got light out again as it wasn't quite night time. We had tornado warnings and everything. It was intense.

I managed to get up at 4:56 am as usual (why 4:56? - no idea... just wanted it to be a few minutes before 5, and when I was setting the alarm, that is what time it ended up on, I guess!) and headed to the gym. And when I got there the parking lot and building were SO DARK! It really seemed like the power was out in the building! I just got up and went without even thinking about it because I am so used to just going. Plus the power was on at home, which is only a mile from there... I just a assumed. And you know what they say about people who assume things... Damn.

I ended up going home and doing day three of 6w6p for the week. I am killing it this week! (Or at least it feels like it.) So that kind of made the whole day start a little bit earlier. That is only 35 minutes and I was already home. So instead of heading upstairs to start the day at 6:15, I was heading up at 6. J was out the door by 6:35 this morning!

At lunch I figured I would try the gym again, so I went over there. Still on limited power, so the fitness floor had no lights on! Its all windows all around, so there was PLENTY of light, but still! I just lifted, and I am a barbell/dumbell girl, so no electricity was needed!

They have limited cardio machines up and running, but I am DEFINITELY going to be using one of them that is up and running after work. i can't wait!


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