Well, as anticipated, I was absent all weekend long. I feel guilty about it, even though I worked out on Saturday and on Monday! I just feel that when I am not blogging I am not accountable. I try and remain that, but it is tough! I am still logging into spark, tracking my food, etc, but I have not been blogging which some how makes me feel like I have let myself down in all of this hard work I have been trying to do.

I am feeling like a failed sports bra sparkie as I have not taken any pics yet to get me up to date. I am failing at something that I was using as an accountability tool. I failed on my diet for Saturday and Sunday as well. It was not as awful as it could have been, for sure, but still not exactly "on track". I avoided alcohol, which is typically my favorite mess up, I was pretty much within calories as well. My macros were just out of balance. Too many carbs, too few proteins.

Since setting my new 5 mile record last Thursday, I have pretty much done nothing notable on the fitness front. I am a little sad on that. I kind of wanted to run 5 miles again yesterday, but because of the OTHER first time thing that happened to me (a running blister!) I was prevented. It feels fine in general, but when I started hitting it with the pressure of the first two laps on the track, I decided that was just not going to work out. So I hit the bike yesterday instead. Boo for me. But yeah for doing some kind of different cardio?

I would like to run 5 miles once this week though, and as of now I am leaning toward Thursday. Tomorrow is my HIIT workout day! Let's go Em!


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