Updating life to MOVE ON

And I find myself back here at blogger. There are a ton of blogs that sit on my feed here that I get behind on since I have not been on here too much too often anymore. It gets cold, I guess. I need to refocus my energies on getting this thing up and running/off the ground so I can put all of my attention and effort here in order to balance out all of the blogging etc that I have been doing all over the internet! I am going to try and add a lot of content here in hopes that I will be drawn to this place and drawn to its upkeep. Fingers crossed that it works out for me and that I am able to get it all done here!

I just wrote up a FULL about me page, including pictures which is not something super normal for me to do. I have very few pictures on any of the blogs that I have been trying to keep up with over all this time. Maybe (eeii!) I will even get better about taking my camera with me when I go places. The blogs that I like to read and review all have pictures of meals, pictures of workouts, friends, progress, places, whatever. So maybe people will be interested in following me if I include pictures and stuff of whatever I have going on. Heck, maybe I will just start taking pictures of my foods and stuff. Especially since I am working hard to learn to cook - and not just that - but learn how to cook only healthy foods, I should take pictures of my accomplishments.

I wonder if people would think I was weird when I take pictures of my food at work and at restaurants too. I know that other people do it though, so I guess it is not SO weird.

I also have hired a coach. That is mostly for catch up purposes as all of my OTHER blogs have updates about that. I am working out for the wedding and for my competition which is scheduled for November 5, 2011. This will give me about 7 weeks post-wedding to really hammer it out and get things going on well so I can really straighten things up with my workouts and diet and be in the best shape for this competition. I have a friend who has been extremely inspirational to me while I have come to this decision, and I give her a lot of credit for helping me get the guts to do this. I have not signed up as of yet, but that is ONLY because registration is not available yet. Although I guess I should apply for NPC membership. That way if there are any comps going on before mine, I bet I will get a discounted admission!

Honestly, I am a little obsessed. It is kind of all that I think about, to be honest. Eating well, working out, competing, looking hot, running, equipment, spreadsheets, whatever. It is where my head is about 99% of the time. I usually manage to concentrate at work for short spurts, enough to do what I need to get done, and then it is back to tracking, reading blogs, facebooking with other people, etc. It is really where my heart is right now.

In the above theme, I had a very early in the day planned dinner, and now I am full and hopefully will be through the night and morning. I had 4 oz of ground turkey (extra lean) on a whole wheat tortilla with one half oz of cheddar cheese (2%), it was super yummy! And then I had a delicious snack!

That's is 5 strawberries cut up with a half packet of truvia on them along with 4 fish oil pills. Yum yum! Lol. The fish oil, maybe not so much, but I have to take so many pills per day and so I do. The strawberries really were delicious though. And the truvia I just bought yesterday. It is going to be something that I wanted to do on my plan as a new way of sweetening things that was in a "better" way than sugar or whatever.

I have a race on Saturday morning that I am looking forward to running. Just a little 5 K, but I paid close attention to my time at the last one, and I am really hoping to beat it at this one. Especially because I have been running pretty regularly. Twice a week these days! :) So I am going to be using that chip to really track what I am doing this time around.

Ok, I am headed out for now and I am going to work on my blog and making it beautiful now. Themes and pages are on the list for the evening!


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