A Tuesday in the Office

None of the "bosses" are in today. None of them. Between New York and San Francisco, they are all gone. It should hopefully make it a rather quiet day. I am hoping so, at least. I am hoping to use the day to figure out GP. It is our new account software and we do have a live company at this point. So I am going to try and figure out some things in there in order to be able to more easily do work when it is busy.

I have been a little bit bored lately. All over. With my boring food, my workouts, all of it. Luckily working from home yesterday was the tiniest change of pace that makes today feel a little bit better. I also did my cardio at home yesterday. We have a treadmill and it was a run day, so I figured why waste the gas to drive back to the gym!?

I will tell you why. The gym has fans and AC on and my house does not yet. Holy moly it got so hot in there. I was absolutely dripping in sweat and completely stunk by the time I was done with my run yesterday. I suppose the trick is opening a window (way to go, Emily, that was dumb). And getting some air to flow around the room. That should help with the smell if nothing else!

I went and hit up the elliptical at lunch. Kept my heart rate around 155 for 45 minutes and went 5.6 miles. Not the furthest I have ever gone in that amount of time, but a pretty good distance. Pleasing I suppose. Tomorrow is might "light" day where I only have my HIIT cardio. I am hoping to do sprints tomorrow rather than doing it on the bike like I have been. I might just run a straight down the street. Sprint for 10 seconds, then spend 30 seconds walking back to the start. Repeat many many times. :-)

HIIT day is the most difficult for me. It is tough because it is the only workout that I have scheduled on that day. I always feel like I am not doing enough if I am just doing like a half hour of cardio. Is that weird? I suppose for me it is expected since my normal gym times are 45 minutes of intense cardio and 45-60 mins of strength training. But I am not the coach, I am not the workout planner and so as difficult as it may be for me, I am really working hard to stick to the plan.

The food is the most difficult part, by far. Last night I actually cooked a meal, from a recipe that I found in a magazine. I was proud of it, but still had the itch for a snack for the rest of the evening, despite the fact that I had a full days worth of calories. It was almost like I was bored of it and it was making me hungry. I didn't eat anything, but it was that weird feeling. I guess it is good that J and I have adjusted to going to bed early every night. That makes it much easier for me not to snack after dinner. And for him too, since he has been making an effort to eat good foods.

Not sure whats on the meal plan for the evening. I guess I have to eat my snack first. Pretty sure we're going pork though, as I took a few chops out of the freezer before I left home this morning.


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