Today is Friday eve, and I have not been so relieved about this in a pretty long time. I just feel the major need for a day off. Or a week. But a day will suffice for now. I would like an EXTRA day outside of the weekend, and luckily this weekend is a three day bomb! I desperately need it. It will be weird however to have the whole day to get my workout in though. Well, not the whole day, as the gym is only open from 8-4 since it is a holiday, but you know what I mean!

Not sure that we are doing any cookout type anything, I am hoping not. Originally it looked like it was going to rain the entire weekend, but now it looks like it will be sunny, at least part of the time. And that is good. It is the Taste of Cincinnati this weekend, which happens to be one of my favorite weekends of the entire year! We are planning on going down there on Sunday after the shower for our friends who are expecting, Katie and Phil. Katie is my bestie, I am sure that I have mentioned that before, and matron of honor in my wedding and her hubby are expecting their first little baby boy!
That is me and Katie circa 2008. I think we are at our friend Becky's birthday party at the fox & hound.

My dad is also in town this weekend. He will be attending the wedding of a friend of his. Odin will be here as well, which I am less thrilled about, but hey, at least my dad will be in the Nati for the first time in more than a year. That is something to be excited about! He'll be doing the taste with us, I think. At least that is the plan as of now. I have a text out to him to try and figure out the plan, but that is where I am!

AND this is HUGE.

I had a major fitness accomplishment today. I ran 5 miles. Straight through. On the track at my gym (that's 4-0 laps). In 47 minutes. I am SUPER proud of myself right now. I rewarded myself with a can of tuna, a salad with feta cheese on it, and a fiber one bar (oats and chocolate, my MOST FAVORITE!)

I feel so good as a result, you guys. Amazing.


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