Thursday's Update

Well I started out with a heavy duty upper body workout this morning. I hammered through the 9 exercises that Joe has provided me. Some were extra tough, and I really spent time trying to make sure that I was increasing my weights from last week. That is always a huge goal of mine. Always lift more. It gives me better results, I have learned.

I just entered them into the google docs that I have been using to track it. I definitely did more weight today than I did last week, which is awesome. I am working really hard to all-star it up. :-)

I went to the gym again at lunch. I had cardio scheduled. I ran for 45 minutes at 5.9 mph. I was rather pleased. I am really started to get into the swing of the running thing, which definitely makes me super happy. I am not sure that I will ever ben a "runner" per se, but I am thinking it is a pretty good cardio workout to have!

Today was a typical "on-plan" day. My 4th one in a row where I am striving for "perfect" on the diet. Perfect basically means (to me) hitting my protein and carb macros and being super close on fats, but NOT having any supplementary stuff (ie: protein powders or bars).

Breakfast was actually my current "fave". I had for oz of turkey breast meat, 1 cup of fiber one honey clusters cereal (om nom nom), and 3 strawberries (well, 2 but one was hugmongous!). It really tasted delicious.

I have not yet figured out my dinner because I realized I need like 40 grams of carbs + 40 grams of protein. That's kind of outrageous. I should be able to get the carbs done relatively easily. Its the protein that seems completely outrageous, especially considering how much protein I feel like I have eaten already!

I did dinner now. I had egg whites, ANOTHER leftover taco, and some ham and cheese on my eggs. My macros ended up PERFECT for the day. I really hope that this works out for me. I hope that Joe can see mega-differences in my body when we take pictures in two weeks. I also hope that I can have a cheat on Saturday and not feel guilty about it at all. Last weekend was pretty much rough and so I really want to be able to fix the things that have gone wrong and more than make up for them! I just really want to be looking good and in good shape for my wedding and everything else that I have going on.

I don't know. I am really not seeing too much going on in my body just yet. That stresses me out. I completely understand that I am certainly my own worst critic. Most people are that for themselves, and I am no exception, but dammit. I am flustered about it.

I wonder if the fact I do squats on a Smith machine makes a difference. But with no spot? Ugh. I feel like I have to! Does that make sense?


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