Progress pics, update and FEELING BETTER!

I am feeling so much better this morning after getting decent sleep last night. I did make it to my volleyball game, I did eat ALL of my required daily calories (around 1500), and I got through my third day of 6W6P. I did not go OUT with my team though, as I had kind of hoped to earlier in the week. I just knew that if I did, I would be out late. And I needed to get good sleep so I could wake up and lift HEAVY and THOROUGHLY this morning.

So yeah, I definitely feel WAY better this morning than I did when I wrote yesterday. Everyone who told me "YOU NEED YOUR CALORIES" was right. I never would have gotten through the planned evening without them, as difficult as it was to ingest when I actually sat down with my food!

6W6P is getting easier, I am definitely working on adding other things to it and doing things a little bit more intensely to up my challenge.

I saw pictures today on my coach's blog with one of his other girls (we're the Iron Belles!) who competed this past weekend. 47 years old and won the bikini overall! She looked amazing. I can only hope for similar results. She started working with Joe six months out. I guess I have a similar time frame. Her biggest thing (it says in the blog) was that it had to be maintainable. She couldn't do any kind of crazy cuts to get to look that good. Outside of her tan (and teeny bikini) she wanted to look like that often! All the time. And I think that is kind of the approach that we are going with with me as well. We have time to tweak things. So hopefully we can get to a point where my strength continues to grow and I can just eat my food and feel good about EVERYTHING I am eating.

ANYWAY... What everyone has been waiting for:


Backside. Day 1 versus Month 1.

Changes I see: I stood up straight today. I still need to do laundry! Cellulite looks reduced. Butt lifted. Muffin top smaller.

Tummy looks flatter, thighs look smaller, teeny hammie pop.

I am not bloated. Thighs thinner, I can't take pictures, more visible tummy cuts, shoulder popping a bit.

This one is from like a week ago and its something you CANNOT see in these pics... I am getting PUMPED!

Arms are getting stacked.


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