Monday morning. The beginning of a new week. My pot of coffee is brewing in the kitchen, I ate my breakfast (oh fiber one honey clusters, I love you so!), and I took all my morning supplements. Before that, I was at the gym for upper body working. It is the beginning of the third week on the plan that Joe gave me. I tried something new today, by using my heaviest weights for the first set or two rather than working up to them for the last set or two. It was different than usually. I will let you know tomorrow how it turns out, depending if I can lift up my arms or not!

I am working from home today because the waterproofing guys are finally here to work on our basement water issues. We're excited to finally have it done. Especially Jason. It is going to cost us quite a lot, but it hopefully will be totally worth it. I mean, it will give us a lifetime warranty on the work that they do, so that is awesome. It is LOUD here though with all of the big tools going on and stuff.

I would love to be able to eat clean all week this week. I want to spend time doing some research and stuff to learn about what that really means. What foods are good and ok, how to prepare them in the best possible ways, etc. I am not sure how baking will go, because I am not sure how much flour and stuff can actually be used with clean eating. But I guess if I do research, I can figure it out.

I told J that I wanted a lot of those books for my birthday. I told him I wanted those along with other healthy eating cookbooks. I really should just be spending time sometimes cooking new recipes to try them out, give J and I some variety to our healthy eating meal plans, AND be able to tell people that I do know how to cook after all. It is tough to eat the same things all the time. And that is kind of what we have been doing. So I am going to work hard to add new things to my repetoire.

In fact, I think that I am going to try a new recipe tonight. I was flipping through cooking light last night and J caught site of a picture and said oo that looks good. And I think that is what I will try today. It is another chicken recipe, and there was a little bit of butter involved and a little bit of flour involved, but I think the calorie count was around 200. Thats not bad for a main dish. So I guess I will give something a whirl!

Right now, there are a bunch of waterproofing guys out in my lawn. They are trying to make my basement better. I hope they are done soon because I want to get on with the day here at home (I decided to work from home today) and then I can just write and hang with Teek and go to the gym. Today I have a run on the calendar. I have another 45 minutes at 5.9 mph. I am getting much closer to really hammering out some time and distance! I guess it is getting closer to being able to run longer distances at better times. I am working really hard to get there on this plan.

I am working from home today since the basement folks are here. I have not even planned out my lunch yet. But I guess it does not really matter too much. The problem is that I am used to going to the gym at 11:30. And I will be thrown off my game a little bit if timing gets thrown off. I hate when things change. Because I just like everything to be exactly in its place all the time. But I guess I have to adjust if I need to. I suppose if worse comes to worse I will just go run on my treadmill upstairs. That is why we have it, right? I don't use it too often and maybe I should use it a little bit more often. I mean, I paid for half of the damn thing as a Valentine's gift to my love.

Ok, I am going to wrap up this entry I think. Time to get a few work type things done, and then maybe a few wedding type things!


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