Monday morning - a good day for a fresh start. I blew the diet yesterday. I did not even send my log to Joe. I feel guilty as hell, but I am trying super hard not to let it get in the way of my progress. Everyone screws up sometimes, right? Right? Ugh. I am so frustrated with myself about it though.

Today I ate a healthy breakfast and took all of my supplements. I did all of my lifting and tried to lift heavy even though my delts are a little crunchy. My knee was also super crunchy. I ran for 45 minutes at lunchtime and found out the knee was crunchy then. But I got through the run. I think I will ice tonight and hope for the best. The last thing that I need to deal with right now is an injury. Especially because it is progross picture week with Joe, and I cheated so badly yesterday. I went over calories and pretty well over fat too. :-( Boo to Emily.

J is out of town for a good chunk of the week and weekend. Hopefully that will allow to me REALLY stick to the plan and not cheat at all this weekend because I won't have pressure from him to cheat on my diet at all, and if I get one week completely cheat free, it will start to get easier to go with no cheats. At least, that is my hope!

Plus I get time with Leah this weekend, and she always eats well so I think that will help too!


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